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Common Engine Repairs

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Marine diesel engines face stressful conditions during use, which is why there are many common problems in marine diesel engines. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer diesel engine maintenance, repairs, and more. Here are common problems we see and tips for troubleshooting your marine engine issues.

Common Marine Engine Problems

If you’re experiencing issues with your diesel engine, you’re not alone. Our marine engine experts see many common issues in the engines we repair. Here are common problems in marine diesel engines:

  • Fuel valve or filter issues. Problems with the fuel valve and filter can result in a standstill. For the filter, your engine may sound like it’s sputtering. For valve issues, your system may signal an alarm, or it may start to function improperly.
  • Cooling problems. When your valves aren’t working in the right rhythm, things can overheat quickly. Cooling issues can also be caused by inadequate clearance between components of the engine, and failure of existing cooling systems.
  • Steering issues. Low fluid or mechanical issues can result in shifting problems that may keep your boat from responding when you’re turning. If the vessel is slow to turn or if it doesn’t respond to your wheel turns at all, you likely need to replenish the hydraulic fluid.
  • Leaking air. While an air leak may not cause catastrophic issues initially, it can be a nuisance that should be corrected. If the leak is serious, you’ll likely be able to hear it. If it’s a smaller leak, you’ll need to catch it by inspecting all air lines.

Troubleshooting Marine Diesel Problems

The safest option for troubleshooting is to seek regular professional care for your yacht or vessel. Don’t let the tank sit with old diesel fuel for long periods of time, and don’t skip your vessel’s maintenance appointments. Our diesel engine maintenance team sets appointments at specific intervals of marine engine hours to help your vessel run at its best.

For initial troubleshooting, we suggest powering off the boat when you experience issues. Take a look around the water and see if there are any obstructions or problems, such as seaweed, keeping your engine from running properly. Solve those issues and you’ll likely be sailing in no time. You should always have spare marine diesel parts on hand to preform simple fixes. Follow your vessel’s handbook and when in doubt, leave the repairs to the pros.

If you’re in need of marine diesel engine repair, we encourage you to call on our team at Marine Diesel Specialists. We offer repairs, maintenance, OEM parts, and more for marine diesel engines, transmissions, and generators. Contact our marine diesel experts today to learn more about our services.