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Marine Products Lines

When you’re a boat owner who has experienced a significant amount of time out on the water, you have likely been subject to inquiries regarding where to get the very best marine products to keep your engines and other systems working at full capacity. The team at Marine Diesel Specialists has years of experience supplying marine engine products, as well as experience as marine diesel repair experts, and has a wide selection of amazing pieces from many different marine product lines.

Our team knows that finding a dealer of marine parts that has exactly what you’re looking for can be difficult. This overview of our selections is presented in hopes that it might make the process of finding your marine products more straightforward. You’re sure to find something you’ll love here with the help of our team’s expertise. 


MAN Parts 

MAN has become a trusted name for large-bore diesel engines, including two-stroke and four-stroke engines. When it comes to efficiency, nothing compares to MAN diesel marine engines. This reputation has led them to become a trusted provider of engines for vessels of all sizes. Whether it is for a yacht, an offshore vehicle, a tanker, a container ship, or any other form of marine vehicle, MAN is an excellent choice. Getting high-quality marine products from a team of experts is important for trying to guarantee reliable performance and efficient powering, and MAN marine engines will deliver.

When repairing or repowering your vessel, finding authentic OEM MAN products for sale is as simple as contacting our experts. Both of our locations, in Fort Lauderdale and Punta Gorda, are authorized dealers for MAN boat motor parts. This includes air systems, fuel filters, heat exchanger caps, impellers, and oil filters produced to support the engines of the company in times of repair needs. Our teams at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service are both authorized for factory-trained maintenance, repairs, and service for all MAN engine components. We would be proud to be a part of what keeps your engines running, and your good times rolling. 


ZF Transmissions 

The team at our Punta Gorda location for marine products supply and engine repair center, Gulf Coast Diesel Service, is also an authorized dealer of marine products and provider of services for ZF Transmissions. ZF Marine Driveline Technology has been utilized in pleasure crafts, commercial vessels, and crafts of all speeds throughout its years of operation. It has proven itself to be a worthwhile company worthy of consideration. ZF is an industry leader in transmissions, with top-quality systems for vessels of all types and sizes. But remember, even products with this level of quality require the occasional repair or part replacement to keep everything in working order.

At Gulf Coast Diesel Service, we are authorized dealers for ZF parts for your diesel yacht engine transmission. You need not worry about having your needs met when you have a team with as much experience and expertise as ours in your corner. Along with these marine parts offerings, you can also rely on our marine diesel repair and servicing experts to provide any upkeep services you may need for your ZF transmissions. 


Kohler Generators

Since 1920, Kohler has been pioneering generators and power sources through the innovation of their marine products. Year in and year out, they have constantly been improving, and they have become more trusted with each passing decade. Their marine generators are among some of the top choices by experts in the industry when outfitting vessels of all makes and sizes. Kohler marine diesel generators are all produced in-house, manufacturing and assembling every element of the generator in their own facilities. This allows for their professional and trained eyes to be on top of production every step of the way. This also means that when your Kohler generator needs service, it’s vital to work with Kohler-authorized professionals who know how to get the job done right. These professionals can outfit you with the perfect parts to ensure quality repairs.

At Gulf Coast Diesel Service, our professionals are authorized to work on your Kohler diesel yacht engine generator. You won’t have to worry about anything less than the best when you’re working through our team. Like Kohler, our company’s two locations in Florida have been trusted to provide expert care, maintenance, repairs, and parts for years, and we would be proud to be a part of your next repair. 


The Marine Diesel Specialists Are Here to Help

If you are in need of marine products that can help service any of the above-mentioned lines, then be sure to consider the Fort Lauderdale experts at Marine Diesel Specialists or the Gulf Coast Diesel Service professionals in Punta Gorda as your best bet! Get in touch with our team today to learn all about how our team can help make your time going through maintenance or repairs a breeze. You can also read some of our team’s marine products and maintenance articles to get insight into all things related to the boating industry. Our team would love to be a part of your next service or part replacement. Offering quality products and services is our specialty.