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Marine Engine Repowers & Rebuilds / Overhauls

Is It Time to Repower?

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we sell and install both new and rebuilt diesel engines for vessels of all sizes. We offer top products in the market, including marine engines and MAN engine parts. We can help you choose the best engine or parts to suit your needs.

If you own older or unregulated marine engines, 2-stroke engines, engines with exceptionally high fuel usage, or older engines that operate in areas with lower air quality (near big cities), you should consider a marine engine repower. The benefits, both economic and environmental, will outweigh the cost. You can count on our expert marine diesel mechanics in Punta Gorda and South Florida to get the job done.

Benefits of a Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul

There are many benefits to repowering your yacht’s diesel engine. While many people are concerned with the marine diesel engine overhaul cost, a boat engine overhaul can result in savings. New engines reduce fuel usage, fuel costs, and emissions. New engines also comply with all EPA regulations. A rehaul or repower from an expert marine diesel mechanic in South Florida can improve your vessel’s reliability, reduce operating costs, and improve emissions.

Our marine diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and the Gulf Coast specialize in high-performance diesel engines. We’ll find the right engine for any application, with expert marine overhaul technicians taking care of the project. We specialize in MAN marine diesel engines, MAN diesel engine spare parts, service, and more. But we also work with a wide array of options for your boat engine overhaul.

Boat Repower Options – Choosing MAN Engines

We’re an authorized dealer for MAN engines, offering the best in MAN marine diesel service. The dependability, high-performance, low-vibration, compact and sleek style of MAN make them a popular choice. A broad range of engine models caters to all requirements from luxury yachts to heavy workboats. If you’re considering a MAN diesel engine overhaul for better performance and improved reliability, we can assist with our MAN marine engine repower packages.

Benefits of Rebuilding An Engine

Instead of purchasing a new yacht engine, many yacht owners will complete the repowering process by scheduling a marine engine rebuild or partial boat engine rebuild with diesel engine rebuilders. One of the top benefits of rebuilding an engine instead of replacing one is that the diesel engine rebuild cost is typically much lower. If the engine you are rebuilding is a relatively new model, finding OEM marine diesel parts for it won’t be difficult. Another benefit of engine rebuilding is that the connectivity and compatibility with your vessel’s existing engine control unit and electrical system are easier to maintain than with a brand-new engine.Rebuilding an engine is made much easier with the assistance of  marine rebuild specialists

Marine Diesel Rebuilds and Overhauls

How do you know it’s time to repower? Marine diesel engines have very complex fuel and cooling systems. Oil streaks, discolored paint (indicating excessive heat), worn belts, and grime in the bilge are all warning signs that your engine needs serious help.

For older engines or engines with costly issues, it may be ideal to start fresh and repower your boat diesel engine. Our MAN diesel overhaul technicians at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel can help with marine diesel engine overhaul services. 

For advice on repowering versus rebuilding from the experts at Marine Diesel Specialists, contact us online give us a call at 954-467-9010.

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