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Transmission Brands

Yachts in the harbor. Yacht engine and transmission maintenance.

Your yacht’s transmission is one of its most important components. While the engine and generator get a lot of attention and priority, the transmission is working in the background to ensure that everything runs properly. Transmissions are responsible for communicating between the engine and the propeller, providing the critical link between the engine and your yacht’s propulsion system. Specifically, transmissions provide neutral and reverse propulsion.

The transmission is a crucial part of your vessel’s function. It’s important to provide your transmission with routine care and maintenance to ensure it runs properly. When you’re searching for transmission maintenance, OEM parts, repairs, repowers, or more, you need a marine diesel mechanic that you can trust. Call on our teams at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service. We work with top transmission brands.

ZF Transmissions

Our Gulf Coast Diesel Service location is an authorized dealer for ZF Transmissions. As an authorized dealer, we’re able to sell OEM diesel yacht engine parts and transmission parts form ZF Transmissions. We’re also authorized to service, repair, and maintain your ZF diesel yacht transmission. ZF Transmissions are known for higher performance with low fuel consumption, the perfect option for your vessel. Our ZF Transmission options include reversing, hybrid, and non-reversing. All ZF Transmissions comply with safety standards, economic requirements, and speed expectations.

ZF Marine Driveline technology is used in pleasure crafts, commercial vessels, and crafts of all speeds. As an industry leader in transmissions, ZF exceeds all expectations for your vessel. We’re the Gulf Coast’s number one supplier of ZF OEM parts, service, and factory-trained expertise. With on-site solutions, we’re able to bring your vessel all the care it needs.

Twin Disc

Both of our locations also work with Twin Disc branded transmissions. If you’re in search of OEM diesel yacht transmission parts for Twin Disc, we have a variety of options. Twin Disc OEM parts are used by our marine diesel mechanics for repairs, repowers, maintenance, and more.

Factory Trained Care for Your Transmission

Yacht engine transmissions undergo many hours of stressful operation to keep your vessel moving. Oil lines, gaskets, clutch plates, and pistons can all encounter issues. Proper maintenance from factory trained technicians can keep your transmission functioning at its very best.

Whether you’re looking for repairs, maintenance, or OEM parts, our factory trained marine diesel mechanics at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service can help. We work with many transmission brands, including ZF Transmissions and Twin Disc. As ZF authorized dealers, our Gulf Coast Diesel Service team can provide the very best solutions for your transmission. Contact us today to learn more!