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Our authorized MAN dealers have first-rate marine diesel engine expertise and only sell from premium marine product lines. We offer a range of MAN parts, including impellers, for your marine diesel engine.

The Importance of an Impeller

Our marine diesel specialists in Fort Lauderdale understand the importance of marine impellers, a series of rubber vanes molded around a hub to help inject cold water into the engine to cool it down when in use. Boats, yachts, and other watercraft require a steady flow of cool water to operate, otherwise, the motor’s internal temperature rises, and the engine overheats.

If the engine starts to overheat, your marine diesel engine and standard parts will not work properly and start to break down.

Impeller Maintenance

Boat impellers pump cold water into your marine engine to cool it down while in use, but they can become stiff if the marine engine sits idle for long periods of time or is exposed to extreme heat. Marine diesel specialists suggest replacing the impeller every year or every 1,000 hours of marine use depending on how frequently your boat, yacht, or water vessel is being utilized. It is also recommended that your marine vehicle receive general service and repairs by marine professionals at least once a year for preventative maintenance.

Signs to Replace or Repair an Impeller

If the impeller fails, the pump can’t funnel cool water to the marine engine, causing the engine to overheat. There are a few signs that indicate when to replace a boat impeller for your marine engine in order to prevent damage.

  • If the tips of the flexible vanes are bent. Exposure to abrasive sand-like material or sandy water can cause the impeller’s vanes to bend and wear out faster.
  • If your motor is pumping out warm water instead of cool water. This is a result of the boat impeller failing to keep the engine’s internal temperature cool.
  • If you see visible scorch marks on your boat or yacht’s engine motor. This means that your engine’s impeller needs to be replaced immediately or there is a risk of extreme damage and engine failure.

Tip: Keep a spare boat impeller onboard your water vessel in case of sudden failure.

Additional Marine Engine Parts & Maintenance

Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale and our marine technicians in Punta Gorda have provided premium marine parts and services for over two decades. We offer a wide range of OEM and MAN diesel engine parts to accommodate a variety of marine engines. Not only do we offer various marine product lines including engines, transmissions, and generators, but we also provide MAN maintenance and repairs.

Contact our team today to order a marine part or to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment. 

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