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Our marine engine rebuilders and maintenance experts receive many frequently asked questions regarding MAN engines, diesel yacht engine generators, transmissions, and more. Here are some common FAQs and answers from our experts.

How often does my yacht engine need maintenance?

You’ll need maintenance for your diesel yacht engine at specific intervals of operating hours. We have a diesel engine maintenance schedule to help with determining when’s best for your maintenance appointment. Hourly service intervals include 200, all the way up to 4,000 and beyond. There are also annual maintenance procedures recommended for all engines, including MAN engines.

Should I repower my engine?

Many people aren’t sure whether they should rebuild, repower, or overhaul their engine. Our marine diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa may suggest repowering your engine if it is a 2-stroke engine with high fuel usage, or if it’s an older engine in an area with lower air quality. Otherwise, you may consider an overhaul.

Can I buy engine, transmission, and generator parts anywhere?

When looking for vessel parts, only trust OEM parts. We’re a MAN engine parts distributor, offering the best parts for MAN engines, along with OEM parts for many other brands. OEM parts are the best option for your transmission, engine, and generator, so be sure to buy from a marine diesel mechanic in Tampa who only uses genuine original manufacturer parts.

When should I get a marine diesel engine survey?

Surveying takes time, which is why many owners choose to put this critical care off. Our diesel yacht engine generator experts recommend undergoing surveying if your vessel is having operational troubles. You may also choose a marine diesel engine survey when you’re buying a new vessel.

What’s included in a marine diesel engine survey?

Our marine diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa offer two surveying options: one day surveys and full surveys. A one-day survey will include external visual inspection, performance sea trial, oil analysis, and a written report. A full survey will include these components, plus borescope and compression test of cylinder liners.

What is a sea trial?

Some yacht systems can only be tested out on the water, which is what a sea trial will do. A sea trial is like a test drive of your yacht, it’s used to recognize any handling, speed, or construction issues within the vessel. A sea trial will help catch any problems; this way, our mechanics can get your vessel to its best.

Who’s authorized to sell and work on MAN parts?

When it comes to caring for MAN engines, you should only rely on factory-authorized professionals. Our marine engine rebuilders are authorized in MAN parts, service, and maintenance. We sell top-quality OEM MAN engine parts, we provide factory-authorized MAN engine service, and we can maintain your engine and its related systems. As a trusted MAN engine parts distributor, our service and selection are second to none.