Engine Repowers & Rebuilds / Overhauls

Repowers (New Engine Sales & Installation)

Is it time to Repower?

MDS sells and installs both new and used diesel engines. We offer the top products in the market and can help you choose the best engine to suit your needs.  If you own older or unregulated marine engines, 2-stroke engines, engines with exceptionally high fuel usage or older engines that operate in areas with lower air quality (near big cities), you should consider an engine repower.  The benefits, both economic and environmental will outweigh the cost.

New engines will reduce fuel usage, fuel costs and emissions, complying with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

We specialize in high performance diesel engines.  We’ll find the right engine for any application

MAN Engines

We are an authorized dealer for MAN engines.  The dependability, high-performance, low-vibration, compact and sleek style of MAN make them a popular choice.  A broad range of engine models cater to all requirements from luxury yachts to heavy workboats.  Please see our MAN Engine page for more details.

Rebuilds / Overhauls


Marine diesel engines have very complex fuel and cooling systems.  Oil streaks, discolored paint (indicating excessive heat), worn belts and grime in the bilge are all warning signs that an engine needs, or is on the verge of needing, serious help.  MDS is here to supply that support.  One of our specialties is complete engine overhauls from the block up.  

If you want advice on Repowering versus Rebuilding, please give us a call at 954-467-9010.