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One Day SurveyFull Survey
  1. External visual inspection
  2. Performance sea trial
  3. Oil analysis
  4. Written report
  1. External visual inspection
  2. Performance sea trial
  3. Oil analysis
  4. Borescope and compression test of cylinder liners
  5. Written Report


Whether you’re about to purchase a vessel or you’re trying to troubleshoot your vessel’s issues, a marine diesel engine survey is crucial. At Marine Diesel Specialists, our team can provide surveys, sea trials, and additional support for your marine engine service. If you are looking for a marine diesel engine survey checklist, comprehensive marine diesel engine survey services, or diesel yacht engine parts, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive services and OEM parts.

When to Get a Marine Diesel Engine Survey

Surveying takes time, and many people aren’t sure when it’s the best time to have their vessel surveyed. If you’re experiencing issues with your diesel yacht engine generator, your diesel yacht engine transmission, or any other mechanical component of your vessel, it’s time for a survey. Many people also opt for surveys when they are interested in purchasing a boat, yacht, or other vessel, as marine surveying can help reveal any issues the vessel may have. 

MAN marine diesel engineSurveying As a Part of Marine Engine Service

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer comprehensive marine engine service, which often includes a marine diesel engine survey. With a survey, we’re able to determine your vessel’s issues to prescribe the right fix for the problem at hand. We carry OEM diesel yacht engine pars, including parts for MAN engines in Fort Lauderdale. But, we can’t determine which parts your vessel needs until we complete your marine diesel engine survey.

Marine Diesel Engine Survey Options

We offer one day surveys and full surveys as a part of our marine diesel engine survey service. The exact survey your vessel needs will depend on the problems you’re looking to address. For example, if you’re looking to purchase a vessel, we suggest a full marine diesel engine survey to uncover any possible issues. Both options include sea trials, inspections, and written reports of our findings.

Survey Types

There are two types of marine diesel engine surveys we offer; one day surveys and full surveys. Both include sea trials, but there are also differences between the two. For a complete marine diesel engine survey checklist, contact our professionals today.


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