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Fuel System

What is a Marine Fuel System?

At Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service, we provide premium marine solutions including parts, service, maintenance, and repairs in Florida. A reliable fuel system will keep your MAN boat or yacht engine running efficiently.

Marine Fuel Systems, including fuel tanks, draw fuel and return unburned diesel fuel to properly power your marine engine. ­­Fuel systems store and supply fuel to the marine cylinder chambers where it burns energy to fuel your marine engine. Gas or diesel is stored in the fuel tank within the fuel system to keep your engine clean and running smoothly. A primary fuel filtration system is mandatory marine equipment for your boat’s fuel system.

Our diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale offer premium marine fuel system parts to keep your engine running efficiently. Proper inspection and maintenance will make the most of your MAN marine engines.

How to Maintain a Fuel System?

Every marine fuel system differs, so it is recommended to replace fuel systems at a manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Our Diesel maintenance specialists survey the fuel system and fuel lines for leaks and damage. It is recommended to inspect at least every season or 300 hours of engine use.

Replacing your Marine fuel filters regularly, protects your fuel system for being damaged. We recommend as you maintain your fuel system, inspect, or replace your fuel filers as well.

Authorized Dealer of MAN Diesel Parts & Fuel Systems

As an authorized MAN dealer of engine parts and fuel systems, we are committed to providing premium fuel system parts including fuel tanks, fuel return washers, O-ring, and Shutdown solenoids. When your marine fuel system utilizes our fuel system parts, maintaining your water vessel will seem simple.

Additional Marine Engine Parts & Maintenance

Our Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale and marine technicians in Punta Gorda have delivered exceptional marine parts and services for over 20 years. Our authorized MAN Engine dealers offer a wide range of OEM and MAN diesel engine parts and maintenance services to accommodate your marine engine. Not only do we offer a wide selection of marine product lines including engines, transmissions, and generators, but our gulf coast diesel specialists can provide highly rated MAN maintenance and repairs.

Contact our team in Fort Lauderdale or Punta Gorda to order a marine part or to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment.