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Heat Exchanger Cap

Our diesel experts at Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale and Gulf Coast Diesel Services provide premium marine parts, maintenance services, and repairs in South Florida. A heat exchanger cap is essential in your MAN boat or yacht engine.

What Does a Heat Exchanger Do For a Boat?

Heat exchangers combine seawater and a coolant to keep a marine engine from overheating. The coolant and seawater maximize heat exchanger efficiency to keep the engine running cool and efficiently. The heat exchanger cap helps your engines reduce corrosion and damage to your heat exchanger system.          

How to Maintain a Heat Exchanger?

Heat exchangers and caps need to be consistently checked for corrosion, debris, and leakage. If clogged, it can restrict the water flow causing your diesel engine to overheat.  Our MAN maintenance experts suggest regularly cleaning the heat exchanger and cap with some acid. Our marine rebuild specialists highly recommend scheduling yearly diesel engine surveys to keep your engine running smoothly. Regular maintenance checkups minimize the need to replace your engine.

Signs to Service or Replace Your Heat Exchanger Cap

If you are noticing the following from your heat exchanger and cap, it may be time to service or replace:

  • Clogged with Debris
  •  Leaking Coolant
  • White Streaks or Corrosion Marks
  • Overheated Engine

For more diesel engine maintenance tips, check out our marine engine blog. If you need MAN parts or diesel service, you can schedule a maintenance appointment for general repairs or survey with our diesel specialists.   

Authorized Dealer of MAN Diesel Parts

Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Services stand above the rest in the industry due to our trusted team being authorized dealers of MAN engines and parts. We specialize in every aspect of care for marine engines, transmissions, and generators. From OEM parts to complete rebuilds, our authorized experts can provide marine solutions or services.

Need Maintenance from a Marine Diesel Specialist?

Our Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale and Marine Technicians in Punta Gorda offer a wide range of OEM and Marine diesel engine parts and services to accommodate all marine engine needs. For over 20 years, we have delivered exceptional marine solutions with MAN maintenance services and premium product lines, including engines and transmissions.

Contact our team of diesel experts in South Florida to inquire about marine parts or to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment.  Let our professionals keep your engine running smoothly!  

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