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Cylinder Liners

Sometimes the biggest problems that come with owning a boat can happen because of the simplest things. If a cylinder liner is failing, the entire motor could be quickly damaged. Experienced marine mechanics like those at Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale can diagnose and replace this inexpensive part before it causes trouble.

What Are Cylinder Liners?

Cylinder liners are marine parts that are found on every vessel with an engine. Also called cylinder sleeves, cylinder liners are placed between the cylinder and the piston rings and piston skirt and serve to lessen the wear and tear on the cylinder.

Most cylinder liners are made of metal such as cast iron, nickel-chrome, or cast steel. There are many types of cylinder liners to choose from, and no matter your brand of engine, the MAN engine maintenance specialists at Marine Diesel Specialists can make sure you select the right one.

What Can Damage a Cylinder Liner?

Whether you use your boat frequently or occasionally, there are many things that can damage a cylinder liner. The basic functions of your boat’s engine produce friction that leads to wear and tear. Additionally, because most cylinder liners are made of metal, they are prone to rust and corrosion. Other things that may damage a cylinder liner include improper cooling and faulty installation by someone who is not a professional like the MAN engine maintenance specialists at Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale.

Marine rebuild specialists are best equipped to inspect and replace all types of cylinder liners. Don’t neglect these important marine parts and let an otherwise simple repair turn into a costly and complicated job.

Authorized Dealer of MAN Diesel Engines and Parts

As an authorized dealer of MAN engines and MAN diesel engine parts, Marine Diesel Specialists can provide all of the marine parts and accessories you need for success on the water. Our marine mechanics will diagnose your vessel and find the best cylinder liners or other accessories to meet your needs.

We also offer a complete line of transmissions, generators, and other boat parts from brands you know and trust, such as Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar.

Need Marine Parts or Boat Maintenance Today?

At Marine Diesel Specialists in Fort Lauderdale, we offer a complete selection of premium marine parts and boat accessories. We can also provide complete marine diesel engine services and marine solutions. For an expert consultation with one of our skilled marine mechanics, contact our team online or call (954) 467-9010 today!

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