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When you consider the functionality of a generator, you may realize that your vessel actually has two engines, technically speaking. Generators run like smaller engines, using diesel from your main fuel tank to power the electrical components of your vessel. This is especially important when you’re not running your main engine, which may be when you’re anchored or at the dock. Diesel generators are exceptional at converting diesel fuel into electricity while maintaining lower volume levels. If you’re looking for service, maintenance, or new installations of a diesel yacht engine generator, we encourage you to reach out to our teams at Gulf Coast Diesel Service and Marine Diesel Specialists.

Maintaining Your Yacht’s Generator

Generators have many systems that must be maintained properly. Our marine diesel mechanics in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale can maintain your system’s proper functionality with full support. This includes generator maintenance services, which are typically measured by operating hour intervals. Generator maintenance steps can include:

  • Oil changes
  • Air cleaner care
  • Battery checking
  • Belt checks
  • External inspections
  • Valve checks
  • Alarm maintenance

These and other maintenance services are vital to maintaining your yacht’s generator. With the right upkeep, you can stave off the need for marine diesel repair in Tampa. Let our team provide the right maintenance schedule for your yacht generator.

Authorized Dealer for Kohler Generators

Our team at Gulf Coast Diesel Service is authorized in Kohler generators. We offer authorized service and OEM parts for your Kohler generator. Repowering to a Kohler generator can produce exceptional results for your yacht. Kohler generators provide impressively quiet operation, and they are compliant with the latest emission requirements. Kohler generators produce up to 180 kW at 60 Hz and 150 kW at 50 Hz. We offer new generator sales, parts, maintenance, and much more.

At Gulf Coast Diesel Service, all our factory trained technicians understand the ins and outs of your Kohler diesel marine generator. As authorized Kohler dealers, we’re certified in the maintenance, care, and operation of all Kohler generator systems. For professional Kohler generator services, call on our Gulf Coast Diesel Service team.

Rebuilds and More

Diesel generators are vital for many functions in your vessel. From sound systems to lighting, and everything in between, you depend on your generator to run all electrical systems. It’s vital to make sure that you’re choosing the right generator, maintenance, and parts. At Gulf Coast Diesel Service and Marine Diesel Specialists, we’re experts when it comes to all aspects of your diesel yacht engine generator. Contact us today for the best in OEM parts, factory trained service, and more.