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Our South Florida marine diesel mechanics have specialized knowledge and expertise regarding diesel maintenance and parts from premium marine product lines. Our Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Services offer the best OEM parts for engines, transmissions, and generators. If you are looking for quality OEM parts, including gaskets, look through our inventory of OEM and MAN parts online.

What Is a Gasket?

The purpose of a gasket is to seal a bond between two parts to prevent leaking. While seals are more common between MAN engine parts, pumps, and shafts, the need for a gasket is to seal water pipes, boilers, or fuel tanks, so liquid does not leak. When leaks occur in top diesel generators or engine parts, this can cause corrosion or damage. If not diagnosed early, corrosion can cause enough damage that it might cause an expensive replacement of your generator or engine. 

Consult with our engine survey specialists for comprehensive services and OEM parts. Our MTU parts suppliers offer many marine parts online. Look through our inventory of MAN parts, including gaskets.

Prevent Common Marine Engine Problems With Our MAN Maintenance

MAN engines are incredibly complex when not properly maintained with consistent surveys and repairs. Our marine diesel mechanics specialize in maintenance and repair services that can help your engine run smoothly. With our factory-trained specialists, we can assist with our premium services that include but are not limited to:

  •       Engine Diagnostics
  •       Oil Analysis & Oil Filter Changes
  •       Water Pump Repairs
  •       Cooling System Maintenance
  •       Valve Adjustments
  •       Tune-Ups
  •       Electronic Repairs

Contact Our MAN Parts Specialists

Our Fort Lauderdale diesel specialists and Punta Gorda diesel service are authorized MAN dealers of engines, transmissions, generators, or parts. As authorized MAN dealers, we provide exemplary diesel engine maintenance, repairs, overhauls, surveys, and rebuilds. Contact us to make an appointment for us to diagnose any marine diesel engine problems.  Whether you need quality OEM parts or a complete engine overhaul, our professionals will dedicate our quality parts and services to your engine.