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The average marine diesel engine can clock thousands of hours of life before it encounters issues, but issues do arise at one point or another. When this happens, you may be wondering if it’s time for a marine engine rebuild. While many repairs can be made with general maintenance or a quick marine engine service, you might need to rebuild your marine diesel engine – especially if it’s facing some bigger challenges. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we can assist with MAN engine repowers and rebuilds.

When to Rebuild a Marine Diesel Engine

At Marine Diesel Specialists, our MAN engine rebuild company provides reliable services for many engine types. When you’re looking for MAN engine overhauls or rebuilds, you should recognize the signs between the two. It’s time to consider a rebuild if:

  • Your engine has not clocked all its usable hours
  • There are internal issues in the engine
  • You can secure OEM engine parts
  • The engine is producing black or blue smoke
  • There are strange sounds from the engine
  • The engine cannot maintain oil pressure

If it’s time for a rebuild, you can count on our team. We’re authorized to perform rebuilds on MAN engines in Fort Lauderdale, and we carry the best array of OEM parts for your MAN boat engines. As authorized MAN dealers, we carry the best array of MAN parts for marine diesel engines and additional systems.

When completing a MAN engine rebuild, you should only use OEM parts to ensure the engine is receiving the best quality options. For more information on rebuilds, contact our MAN engine rebuild company today.