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Just like you would never go on a long road trip without a spare tire in your trunk, you should never go on a yacht trip without carrying a few essential spare parts for your boat. There are obvious spare parts that you should bring such as lightbulbs and a second anchor.

The marine diesel mechanics at Marine Diesel Specialists wanted to focus on some essential spare parts for your yacht’s engine. The following is a list of four marine diesel engine parts that you should have spares of in your boat or yacht.


Impellers are another part that can easily get damaged. An engine overheating can break and impeller very quickly. Regular use can wear out impellers and lack of use can cause them to become brittle. Luckily, they are easily replaced. Carry at least two spare impellers for every impeller-driven water pump onboard. A failed impeller can cause a significant negative impact on your boat’s engine. So, be sure to keep an eye out for signs of damage to impellers and replace accordingly.

Fuel Filters

A critical part of your vessel’s fuel system, fuel filters protect your engine from water, harmful debris, and other containments. As a result, you need to regularly replace boat fuel filters. Sometimes, you will need to switch out fuel filters while on a trip. In those cases, having fuel filters as part of your collection of spare parts for your boat will be helpful. Running your boat when you have fuel filters overwhelmed with water or debris can leave your motor unprotected and lead to serious damage over time.

Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses, commonly made of rubber and neoprene, can easily get damaged if improperly stored. A damaged belt or hose will be prone to fail or impossible to install once you need it. Belts and hoses are essential for keeping your yacht’s engine cool and that is why they should be included in your stash of spare parts for your boat.



Having an extra supply of oil, transmission fluid, and marine lubricant is critical during emergency situations. Storing an additional couple quarts of engine oil and transmission fluid will help get your vessel back to shore should your engine spring a leak. With a spare supply of oil onboard, you may avoid having to get your yacht towed.

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