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No boat owner should take his or her vessel out without a few essential tools on board. Likewise, he or she should also carry some spare parts that can make the difference between simply being stalled or flat-out getting stranded. Some things may happen out on the water that will require repairs. You would never go on a long road trip without a spare tire in your trunk or access to roadside assistance. In the same way, you should never go on a boat trip without carrying a few essential spare parts for the boat. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we want to ensure you know the crucial spare parts you need to keep on your boat while at sea.

If you require any of these boat supplies that help keep you safe while at sea, then check out our MAN diesel engine parts.

Fuel Filters

If your fuel system fails, your boat is dead in the water. Having a back-up filter is a necessity to have onboard whenever you go out on the water. This is an integral part of your vessel’s fuel system. Fuel filters protect your engine from water, harmful debris, and other contaminants. As a result, boat owners need to regularly replace their boat fuel filters.

Sometimes, you will need to switch out fuel filters while out at sea. When this happens, having a couple of fuel filters as part of your collection of spare parts for your boat will be extremely helpful. Running your boat when fuel filters are overwhelmed with water or debris can leave your engine unprotected and lead to severe damage over time. 


Impellers can get easily damaged. This is because an overheating engine can break an impeller very quickly, regular use can wear them out, and lack of use can make them brittle. Impellers break easily due to overheating, but these are inexpensive and easy to replace. Always carry a spare impeller for every water pump onboard. Additionally, it’s a good idea to also have a back-up spare.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses are essential for keeping your boat’s engine cool. This is why they should be included in your stash of spare parts. Because they are commonly made of rubber and neoprene, belts and hoses can easily get damaged if improperly stored. A damaged belt or hose will be prone to fail or impossible to install once you need it.

Light Bulbs

Navigating the waters in the dark can be a challenge, even for experienced sailors. Do not overlook the importance of navigator bulbs, which will help you find your way back after the sun sets. Spare light bulbs are essential for all boats that sail after dark. Bulbs are fragile, so do not forget to check the spares occasionally and ensure that they still work. 


A spare oil supply is an often overlooked yet essential item to keep on a boat. If your engine springs a sudden leak or unexpectedly consumes all of its lubricants, an extra couple of quarts of engine oil and transmission fluid can get you back to the dock. You might limp back to the dock, but you likely won’t be left stranded. Also, having some extra oil will help you avoid dealing with the expenses of a tow boat. 

Trust Our Marine Diesel Specialists to Help You

You must have the right equipment to get you back to shore if you ever experience trouble while out at sea. Being prepared with spare boat parts takes the pressure off when you have a minor problem that is fixable out on the water. Check out our marine engine parts for more information on the items we carry. 

Our team of professionals can assure you will receive the help you need. Feel free to get in contact with us for any further questions you have.  

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