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There are many reasons to change oil in boat engines and a general rule of thumb for how often changing oil in a boat should be conducted. Unfortunately, many limited-experience boaters are unfamiliar with the teachings and could find themselves, or their engines, in trouble by not staying on top of their routine boat oil change. Luckily, Marine Diesel Specialists are here to help! Our team of experts has years of experience in providing all sorts of services and products for boat engines and is always happy to give helpful insight whenever it could be helpful.

Why Is Changing Boat Oil So Important?

Do you wish to understand why it is important to change boat oil? It is understandable given that most boaters, especially newer ones, have heard the advice repeated to them for quite some time. It could have been before they started or while they were in the early stages of boating.

Simply put, changing oil in a boat engine will keep performance high, and the likelihood of any breakdowns is less likely! Oil is an essential part of the functionality of the machinery that is marine engines, but engines can, unfortunately, break down and change over time due to the same oil being in circulation for too long. So destructive, in fact, that not undergoing oil changes for boat engines could actually lead to permanent damage to the internal parts of your engine. 

It is beyond important to change oil in boat engines, but how often should it be done to ensure that maximum efficiency is always being used by your vessel?

How Often Should Boat Oil Be Changed?

It is important for all boaters to not only understand why it is crucial to change oil in boat engines that they are using but also to have a timeframe in mind for when to go in for a boat engine oil change. So, how often do boats need an oil change?

Although the numbers for how often to change oil for boat engines can become more skewed based on the amount of use that a captain gets out of their particular vessel of choice, there is a general rule of thumb for boaters to follow. You should be changing oil in a boat engine not based on the amount of time it has been in your engine but rather on the amount of in-use engine hours your vessel has accumulated.

It is accepted that every 50-100 hours of engine use is cause for an oil change. Follow this rule, and you are sure to keep your motors and engine running without having to worry about any damage to MAN engine parts or the machinery itself.

Our Florida Marine Diesel Professionals are Here to Help!

If you are in need of MAN engine servicing or service for any of the other brands that our Fort Lauderdale and Punta Gorda marine engine professionals can provide you with, then feel free to reach out to our team! Also, be sure to read some of our boating articles and get further insights into the world of all things marine.


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