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Cost of Owning a Boat in Florida

Cost of Owning a Boat in Florida

Many people believe boat ownership is a burden after purchasing their boat. This is because boat and yacht ownership aren’t particularly inexpensive ventures, but they are worthwhile for those interested in water-focused fun and relaxation. With year-round temperatures favorable for boating, Florida is the perfect state for hitting the water. We break down how boat and yacht ownership prices are tallied in the Sunshine State.


More Affordable Storage for the Cost of Owning a Boat in Florida 

When calculating boat and yacht ownership costs in Florida, there are some expenses that may not apply. Winterization, for example, may not be a process your yacht or boat needs, especially if you’re planning on sticking to warmer waters. 


With winter temperatures sitting comfortably above 65 degrees, there is no need to prepare your Florida yacht or boat for winter waters or even winter storage. Many Florida yacht owners use in-water storage year-round, which can lower costs when winterization is not needed. 


Calculating Florida Boat Ownership Cost

Now that winterization and colder climate costs are out of the equation, what exactly goes into calculating the cost of boat and yacht ownership in Florida? There are several expenses that contribute to the overall cost of yacht ownership:


  • Boat or yacht purchase price
  • Routine engine upkeep
  • Repairs as needed
  • OEM marine diesel parts replacements 
  • Slip storage or out of water storage
  • Fuel costs
  • Insurance costs


These are some of the biggest costs to consider when calculating boat ownership costs. Larger yachts may also need a dedicated crew when the yacht is in operation to assist with navigation and ease of use. Visit our guide for calculating yacht fuel costs to estimate your average fueling expenses. 

Infographic of Cost of Owning a Boat in Florida

Higher Boat Insurance Costs in Florida

Florida is a boating playground, with beautiful waterways throughout the state and seemingly endless sunshine. But unfortunately, this warm weather can contribute to higher boat insurance costs. Boat and yacht insurance rates are higher than average in Florida due to the state’s year-round boating season, hurricane risks, and other factors. The value of your boat or yacht will also influence the insurance costs, with more expensive boats carrying higher insurance premiums. 


Saving on Yacht Ownership Costs in Florida

Many yacht and boat owners are searching for ways to lower the costs of ownership. Routine maintenance is one important step in helping to reduce costs. Routine transmission, generator, or engine maintenance can help keep costs down by troubleshooting problems before they worsen. Our team offers maintenance and repairs for all engine types, including reliable MAN engines


Regular upkeep is one of the best ways to lower the cost of owning a boat in Florida by reducing the likelihood of highly expensive repairs. That being said, it is always important to trust professionals with your yacht or boat’s upkeep, attempting complex repairs or maintenance procedures on your own may result in unintentional damages to your boat or yacht. Call on our team at Marine Diesel Specialists for expert boat and yacht upkeep, repairs, and more.