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MAN Engines

Yacht in the ocean. MAN engine repair, maintenance, and OEM PartsWhen it comes to marine diesel engines, nothing compares to the quality, performance, and reliability of MAN engines. With compact designs and powerful output, MAN engines are a popular choice for a wide variety of vessels. MAN engines are popular for yachts, fishing boats, auxiliary engines, workboats, and pleasure crafts. At Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service, we are proud to offer the best solutions for MAN engine parts, rebuilds, and maintenance. MAN diesel drives range from 730 to 1800 HP with low fuel consumption, and outstanding efficiency. If you are searching for the best support for your MAN engine, contact our team today.

MAN Engines

Engine ModelOutput in kWOutput in HPCylindersModelDisplacement 
V8-10007351,0008V 90°16.2
V8-12008821,2008V 90°16.2
V12-14001,0291,40012V 90°24.2
V12-15501,1401,55012V 90°24.2
V12-16501,2131,65012V 90°24.2
V12-18001,3241,80012V 90°24.2
V12-19001,3971,90012V 90°24.2

MAN Engine Maintenance Services

 Maintenance is crucial for achieving optimal performance from your MAN systems. At Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service, we offer comprehensive maintenance schedules for all MAN systems. Our service types include:

  • M1 Checking
  • M2 Cleaning
  • M3 Changing
  • M4 Changing
  • M5 Checking and Setting
  • M6 Trail Run
  • A1 Changing
  • Cleaning
  • A2 Changing

Our MAN engine maintenance services are offered at intervals based on operating hours and yearly intervals. You can trust a marine diesel expert from our team to recommend and perform the ideal maintenance for your MAN systems. Our company uses authentic OEM MAN parts for all maintenance, repairs, and MAN engine rebuilds.

The Right Parts for the Job

 When it comes to repairs, maintenance, and engine rebuilds, our MAN engine rebuild company does not take any shortcuts. We believe that only OEM MAN parts can provide the performance your vessel requires. In addition to utilizing OEM parts in our services, we also carry a high variety of MAN engine parts for sale. This includes all components necessary for efficient operation of MAN engines. We are authorized dealers for all MAN parts. 

The Marine Diesel Specialists Difference

 At Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service, we take no shortcuts when it comes to your engine needs. Our MAN engine rebuild company has been combining customer-focused service with marine diesel expertise since 1995. We believe that quality customer service is just as vital as knowledgeability in all aspects of marine diesel service. Whether you are in need of MAN engine maintenance, or you are searching for the best variety of OEM MAN engine parts for sale, you can count on our teams at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service.

MAN engines are known for their high efficiency and powerful performance. But, an engine is only as good as its parts and maintenance. Allow our experts to keep your systems running smoothly with the best parts, maintenance, repairs, and more. Call us today in our Fort Lauderdale Marine Diesel Specialists location, or our Punta Gorda Gulf Coast Diesel Service location. Both of our teams look forward to assisting with your MAN engine needs.

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