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If your new year involves plans for sailing far and wide or hitting the water, you should start the year by upgrading your marine diesel engines. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer service, maintenance, repairs, and marine diesel parts. We know that making the investment to upgrade your boat or yacht’s engines can pay dividends in increased fuel efficiency, better vessel operation, and more enjoyable time on the water. So, start the new year by waving goodbye to your old engines and hello to new marine diesel engines!

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Marine Diesel Engines

Considering repowering your marine diesel engine? If your engines are well past their working hours, it’s time to consider a repower.

How many hours does a boat engine last? On average, a diesel boat engine lasts for around 5,000 hours. The life expectancy of your engine can be increased with regular maintenance and the right marine diesel parts. With that being said, if your vessel is well past its working hours life expectancy, it’s time to consider repowering your marine diesel engine.

Additional signs that it’s time to repower your marine engines include:

  • Spending more than half the engine’s value on repairs
  • Repairing the engine regularly with increasingly expensive problems
  • Noticing decreasing fuel efficiency or increasing fuel costs
  • Spending more time repairing your vessel than enjoying it on the water

Upgrading your marine diesel engines with a repower can be a lengthy process, but our professionals at Marine Diesel Specialists are here to help. We offer new marine diesel engines for sale including MAN marine diesel engines and other top brands. As factory authorized MAN engine specialists, we can handle all installation involved in your repower.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Marine Diesel Engines

Making the investment to upgrade your marine diesel engines with a repower or replacement is a big choice that can bring numerous benefits.

Benefits of upgrading your marine diesel engine include:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Smoother running
  • EPA regulation approval
  • Reduction in operating costs

Contact our team today to learn how we can upgrade your marine diesel engines with repowering and rebuild services using the best new marine diesel engines for sale.