Product Range

MAN Engine Range

MAN provides dynamic and compact high-speed diesel drives from 730 to 1800 HP.  MAN engines have low fuel consumption, even in the low speed range, and outstanding power efficiency.

MAN will examine and carry out a commissioning of the engines.  The boat owner will then receive an additional guarantee with the Gold Standard Certificate.  All engines comply with internationally recognized exhaust-gas regulations.

MAN Engines for Yachts and Sport Fishing Boats
ApplicationLight OperationMedium OperationHeavy Operation
ApplicationLight OperationMedium OperationHeavy Operation
Annual hours of operation≤ 1,000≤ 3,000Unlimited
Full-load Proportion≤ 20%≤ 50%≤ 100%
Ø Utilization≤ 50%≤ 70%≤ 100%
ExamplesPatrol boats, escort boats, ambulance boots, police boats Passenger ships, ferries, fishing boatsTugboats / trawlers, freight ships, other working ships
Output kWOutput HPEngine ModelCylindersModelDisplacement Liters
Output kWOutput HPEngine ModelCylindersModelDisplacement Liters
Light Operation
7351000V8-10008V 90°16.2
8821200V8-12008V 90°16.2
10291400V12-140012V 90°24.2
11401550V12-155012V 90°24.2
12131650V12-165012V 90°24.2
13241800V12-180012V 90°24.2
Medium Operation
588800D28688V 90°16.2
749-1.0301019-1400D286212V 90°24.2
Heavy Operation
441-500600-680D28688V 90°16.2
551-735749-1.000D286212V 90°24.2
R6-730/800 LD V8-900 LD V8-1000/1200 LD V12-1360 LD V12-1400/1550/1650/1800 LD Engine List Marine Representatives of MAN Marine Engines


Auxiliary Engines

Many of the top manufacturers of marine, emergency and auxiliary harbor gensets use MAN diesel engines.  MAN offers several models highly suitable in the power range from 100 kVA to 750 kVA.

Output kW 50Hz / 60 HzEngine ModelCylindersModelDisplacement Liters
Output kW 50Hz / 60 HzEngine ModelCylindersModelDisplacement Liters
177 / 280D28666in-line11.9
280 / 322D28666in-line11.9
345 / 390D28766in-line12.8
355 / 405D28766in-line12.8
380 / 437D284212V 90°21.9
443 / 515D284010V 90°18.3
543 / 620D284212V 90°21.9



Dependable High Power

We provide exhilarating acceleration and comfortable cruising speeds.  MAN engines impress with high-performance pulling power in all ranges.  Our engines reliably prove their operational power in all weather conditions.  The ride quality is always low-vibration and quiet, even at top speed.

Stylish Compact Design

MAN engines slim line designs make optimal use space and offer understated lavish style.  We understand the importance of planning the loading of your vessel.  Our low power/weight ratio allows for maximum use of space on board.  

Economical in Consumption

Our engines combine speed with the most economic fuel consumption in their class, contributing to helping the environment and your wallet.  MAN engines fulfill all applicable exhaust-gas standards worldwide – aiding in the pursuit of adventure without boundaries.