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Nobody wants to hear strange noises from their engine, but it happens to the best of us. No, it’s not the sound of the water, that’s your yacht’s diesel engine making some strange noises. So, what causes a boat engine ticking sound? Ticking or clicking can be one of the most unsettling boat engine sounds, so we’re offering marine diesel engine troubleshooting to help you get to the bottom of your marine diesel engine’s weird noises.

What Causes Ticking Sounds in Marine Diesel Engines?

Clicking and ticking sounds can be unsettling, but they’re usually a routine fix. In marine diesel engines, clicking or ticking sounds may be caused by:

  • Exhaust manifold gasket malfunction
  • Loosened belts
  • Hydraulic valve malfunction
  • Lifter damage
  • Injector malfunction

While these are common issues, it’s always important to have an expert take a look at your yacht or boat to get to the bottom of the problem. Many problems within your boat’s diesel engine can balloon into bigger issues if ignored, so professional marine diesel engine troubleshooting is crucial.

Fixing Marine Engine Problems

At Marine Diesel Specialists, our experienced team can take care of fixing your marine diesel engine issues. We’re authorized providers of MAN engine maintenance and repairs, utilizing only OEM MAN parts to get the job done. We also provide repairs, maintenance, and more for transmissions and generators of all brands.

Troubleshooting Odd Boat Engine Noises

If you’re facing a boat engine ticking sound, our team is here to help find and fix the cause of the problem. As an authorized MAN dealer, we only use OEM parts for all our services, ensuring your engine gets the best parts on the market.

In many cases, yacht engine ticking sounds can be fixed by repairing the exhaust manifold gasket, lifters, or injectors. But each case is different, so a survey may be necessary if the problem is persistent. During surveys, our experts will fully inspect all elements of your marine diesel engine to identify any possible issues. We will offer solutions for broken components along with maintenance schedules to keep your yacht or boat running at its best.

Whether you’re looking for a new engine, engine repowers, engine repairs, or OEM marine diesel parts, our team at Marine Diesel Specialists is here to meet your needs. If your boat is making a strange clicking noise or experiencing any other issues, allow our team to help. Contact us today for expert marine diesel engine troubleshooting.