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The end of the decade is coming up fast! 2019 has been a year of ups and downs and 2020 promises to be just as eventful. If you are a boat owner, now’s as good a time as any to start drafting up your New Year’s resolutions list.

When you are out at sea, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. As boat owners themselves, the diesel specialists at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel Service have compiled a list of what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Here are some 2020 New Year’s resolutions for boat owners.

Get A New Coat of Paint

Chances are, it’s been a while since you’ve painted your boat’s hull with a new layer of paint. Coating your boat’s bottom with a fresh layer of anti-fouling paint is an important step for the overall maintenance of your vessel. New bottom paint means getting rid of accumulated marine growth and therefore improved speeds, fuel economy, and performance. All things you want for your boat going into the new year!

Give Back to Devasted Areas

The last year saw a series of devastating storms hit the Caribbean islands. Hurricane Dorian, in particular, caused major damage to the Bahamas. All the affected areas are popular cruising and sailing destinations for boat owners and the yachting crowd. After the islands have given us so much fun and entertainment, now’s a great opportunity to give back.

Donations of food, water, and supplies are still needed. You could also volunteer in the rebuilding process. Contact local or national non-profit organizations to see how you can help – the American Red Cross, Team Rubicon, and All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response are good places to start.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Ensuring your boat benefits from regular marine diesel engine maintenance and marine engine repairs is not the sexiest part of being a boat owner, but it is a vital part. The fact is, if your engine falters or stops working, you won’t be able to get much boating done in 2020. Avoid that by setting up a monthly maintenance schedule with your marine diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale or your mobile marine mechanics in Punta Gorda.

Our teams are experts at maintaining and repairing MAN yacht engines, Detroit Diesel marine engines, and marine engines from a wide range of brands. If you need spare parts or even a whole new engine, don’t worry, Marine Diesel Specialists is a certified marine diesel engine dealer. We also sell top-quality OEM marine diesel parts. Contact us today to learn more about our services and set up a maintenance schedule today to keep up with the 2020 New Year’s resolutions for boat owners!