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Marine diesel engines are far more efficient than their gasoline counterparts, and the diesel air system within the engine is credited with a large portion of the engine’s performance. Diesel air systems are so complex on large marine vessels that there are specific starting procedures that must be followed to ensure safe system operation.

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer expert marine diesel engine maintenance that includes care for your vessel’s air systems. We’re sharing our favorite tips for maintaining your marine diesel engine’s air systems.

Diesel Air System Maintenance Tip – Let it Breathe with a New Filter

While your home’s air conditioning system needs routine filter changes to keep unwanted particles out of the equation, it’s especially important to use filters for marine diesel engines. Due to the high pressure operation of marine diesel engines, the smallest unwanted particle can cause disaster if it enters your diesel engine’s air system. For these reasons, it’s important to regularly change diesel engine filters.

Our experts can ensure that your marine diesel air filter is always clean, as we offer the best selection of diesel engine filters online. We use our OEM filters and MAN air system parts for every service we offer, including our routine marine diesel engine maintenance services. A clean and new air filter will ensure that no impurities make their way into your engine’s highly pressurized air system and storage areas.

Tip for Air System Maintenance – Check for Leaks

Valves and rings are crucial for keeping leaks at bay in your marine diesel engine’s highly pressurized air systems. In addition to maintaining a marine diesel engine air filter that’s clean and particle-free, you need to protect your diesel air system by regularly inspecting the rings and valves for leaks. We offer OEM MAN Engine O-Rings that match varying sizes and engine needs.

Identifying a leak in your diesel air system starts by keeping an eye on the lines between valves. An overheated line is generally caused by a leak between the valves or rings at both sides of the overheated line.

Diesel Maintenance Experts

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer expert maintenance and services for marine engines of all sizes and types. We offer regular MAN engine maintenance services in which we can identify and repair issues with your air system and other systems of your marine diesel engine. Contact our team to learn more about our services!