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Yacht Cleaning Tips

Yacht deck

Whether you regularly use yacht detailing services or you’re taking a DIY approach to yacht cleaning, you need the right supplies and boat cleaning hacks to keep your ship in shape. Even between detailing appointments, there are simple boat cleaning hacks you can use to keep your yacht at its best, no matter how long it’s been since a full detailing. After fixing up your yacht with marine diesel repair in Miami, make sure to give your yacht some extra shine with our yacht cleaning tips!

Tips for Cleaning a Yacht

Before you start cleaning your boat, make sure you’re using the right supplies. Many people choose dishwashing detergent to clean their hull, and while this can remove grime, it can also remove wax. So if you don’t plan on applying new wax after washing your hull, hold off on the detergent and use cleaning materials specifically made for hulls. Additional supplies for cleaning a boat hull and interior include:

  • Mops
  • All-purpose gentle cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Sponges
  • Polish
  • Bleach

After you’ve gathered the right supplies, it’s time to get cleaning! First, we’ll explore how to clean your boat interior. After all, it’s where you spend the most time! infographic

How to Clean a Boat Interior

Cleaning the interior of your yacht or boat is similar to cleaning your home, you’ll need the right cleaning supplies. Mopping the floors and deck can help remove grime, while bleach can keep toilets and other mold-prone areas clean. To fully clean your boat’s interior, you should:

  • Clean the seats with vinyl cleaner, make sure to seal them
  • Vacuum carpets, use a wet/dry vac to pick up all dirt
  • Use your favorite household cleaners for interior spaces

How to Clean a Boat Hull and Exterior

Your hull will need a little more love than the interior, because it’s exposed to more elements. One of our most important yacht cleaning tips is to clean your hull properly:

  • Use the right cleaning supplies, such as those developed specifically for hulls
  • Polish and seal your hull after it is fully clean and dry
  • Be careful with paints, follow manufacturer instructions on keeping painted or vinyl areas clean
  • Wax the hull by hand

Engine Cleaning Tips

When most people are searching for yacht cleaning tips and boat cleaning hacks, they forget one important area – the engine! Your yacht’s engine needs to be kept clean if it’s going to run at its best. A simple rag can work wonders for removing the bulk of engine grime. We’ll be sure to keep your engine in shape and free of grime when we’re preforming our regular maintenance. For more tips on yacht upkeep, MAN boat engines, and more, contact our team today!


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