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The sun is shining and the days are getting warmer, which means it’s time to warm up by cleaning your yacht. Spring cleaning is an important part of yacht upkeep and should always be done before you hit the water. Whether you’ve kept your yacht on the dock or you’ve had it stowed away, a good cleaning can ensure your boat is ready for spring. Here are yacht cleaning tips to explore before getting ready for spring.

While there are certain annual yacht maintenance tips to keep in mind, your yacht needs a little extra care come spring. The colder weather may have been tough on your vessel, so you’ll need to make sure everything is in order. Before you hit the water, make sure to bring your marine diesel engine in for a checkup. Our experts will inspect the engine and make sure all fluids are balanced and components are working. We’ll also preform a sea trail if needed to ensure optimal operation.

Spring Cleaning for Your Yacht

For your yacht’s spring cleaning, it’s about more than removing grime and making things shine. You need to make sure anything the winter has thrown at your vessel is cleaned. If you’ve properly winterized your boat, you’ll need to:

  • Remove coverings or shrink wrapping
  • Inspect your boat wrap if it’s reusable and repair any issues
  • Clean the deck and hull
  • Inspect the paint, usually a simple cleaning with mild soap will remove any blemishes
  • Remove any standing ice from the deck and hull
  • Deep clean the boat interior

For springtime, an effective yacht upkeep routine should have a strong focus on removing any standing ice, snow, or water from the vessel’s surfaces. Beyond that, there are many similarities to MAN maintenance tips and yacht cleaning tips.

Where to Sail

Once your yacht is ready to go, the world is ready to be explored! There are many yachting destinations around Fort Lauderdale and plenty of places to visit worldwide. Remember, before you hit the water this spring, schedule a maintenance visit with our specialists to ensure that your engine, transmission, and generator systems are running properly.