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Yacht maintenance is something now owner looks forward to, but it is essential if you’re looking to enjoy your vessel. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we provide marine engine service, repairs, repowers, and annual yacht maintenance. Visiting our marine diesel mechanics in South Florida for routine maintenance can ensure that your vessel runs at its best. Here are our tips for annual yacht maintenance.

What Maintenance Does My Yacht Need Annually?

  • Checking of all systems
  • Inspection of fuel lines for leaks
  • Draining of water from auxiliary fuel filter
  • Filter cartridge changing
  • Engine speed test
  • Heat exchange cleaning


These are just a few of the steps that should be performed annually to ensure that your yacht is running properly. Additional marine engine service maintenance will be performed depending on the vessel’s clocked hours of use.

If you’re using your vessel regularly, it will likely need maintenance more than one time a year. There are specific intervals of operating hours that require maintenance. Our diesel specialists suggest keeping a track of your yacht’s operating hours so you follow the proper maintenance schedule. That being said, your vessel will still need care each year.

In addition to offering annual yacht maintenance, our marine engine services include repairs and repowers. We use OEM diesel yacht engine parts for all services, giving your vessel the best care. Contact us today to schedule your marine engine service!




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