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When it’s time to store your boat, you’ll be choosing between indoor vs outdoor boat storage. Both storage options have their benefits and some drawbacks, so it’s important to consider both options before anchoring your decision. Our diesel specialists weigh the different options for your boat storage methods.

Wet vs Dry Boat Storage

When considering indoor vs outdoor boat storage, the real debate is wet vs dry boat storage. Each storage option brings its own benefits. First, let’s consider the benefits of wet boat storage:

  • Your boat is ready to go when needed
  • No need for boat trailers
  • Optional amenity hookups for your yacht

There are also numerous benefits to dry boat storage, including:

  • More affordable prices
  • Protection from weather damage
  • UV protection

For wet storage of your boat, cons include exposure to the elements and potentially high dock fees. With dry boat storage, the cons include more difficulty getting at your boat and size limitations.

Choosing Between Boat Storage Methods

There are many boat storage methods, and your best fit is one that meets your needs. Consider how readily accessible your boat needs to be when choosing your boat storage method. Other factors, including price and upkeep, will also help you hone in on the right storage method for your needs. There’s no exact storage method that fits everyone, it’s about finding the right method for your boat, budget, and use.

 Getting Your Boat Ready for Storage

Before storing your boat, you’ll need to take extra steps to protect marine engines and your diesel yacht transmission. This can include shutting off breakers, shrink wrapping when necessary, and removing your battery in some cases.

At the very least, you’ll need a waterproof cover to keep your boat in shape while it’s not in use. If you’re storing at a facility or using wet storage in a marina, the facility will likely provide specific storage steps for your vessel.

When you take your yacht out of storage, be sure to visit our team for a regular engine, transmission, and generator checkup. We’ll make sure all components are fully operational before you hit the water so you can get the most out of your yacht. Contact our marine diesel team today to learn more about our services!