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Pirates, beads, drinks, and a pirate invasion that brings parades to the streets of Tampa Bay. Gasparilla is Tampa’s biggest annual party. Our Gulf Coast marine engine experts are planning ahead with how they’ll celebrate Gasparilla 2020. If you’re planning on participating in the flotilla, docking your boat and enjoying the parade, or hitting up the party by yacht or boat, check out our tips for boating to Gasparilla 2020.

Can I Dock My Boat at Gasparilla?

Yes, you can dock your boat at Gasparilla, but there are specific rules for parking your boat or yacht at a slip or marina for Gasparilla 2020. Docking space around Tampa for the festival is very limited. If you’re planning on boating to Gasparilla 2020 and you’d like to dock your boat at the festival, you’ll need to use docking spaces at the Tampa Convention Center. It’s suggested that you call the City of Tampa Parks Department ahead of time at 813-259-1604. 1

Joining the Gasparilla Invasion Flotilla

While boating to Gasparilla 2020 is exciting enough for most, many boat and yacht owners want to participate in the festivities by joining the Gasparilla Invasion Flotilla. To join the flotilla, owners of boats over 65’ in length must secure dock space and need to contact the pirates responsible for the festivities, the Ye Mystic Krewe. Their participation page outlines how to participate in the land-based parade, and includes contact information on how to become part of the flotilla.

Safety Tips for Boating at Gasparilla 2020

Though the festival is all about pirates and the debauchery that ensues during an alcohol-fueled pirate invasion, it’s important to follow safety tips when boating to this Tampa event. As usual, there are sheriffs from two counties, the Coast Guard, the Tampa Police Department, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers enforcing safety measures on water and on land. You need to have a designated driver for the yacht or boat, someone who’s able to get your crew safely to and from the festival.

Additional boating regulations for Gasparilla 2020 include banning of personal watercraft without motors in the invasion route. The route is an idle-speed, no-wake zone for all vessels. Anchoring and northbound vessels over 80 feet are prohibited from certain areas of the bay. Additional regulations can be found on the Gasparilla FAQ page. 1

Need a little help getting your yacht or boat ready for Tampa’s biggest party? Contact our team today to learn more about our Naples marine transmission repair and engine services.


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