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Generators are responsible for creating electrical power within your yacht, acting almost as a second engine that focuses on powering your appliances and other electrical features. They work by transforming fuel, typically diesel fuel, into electricity. This is similar to traditional generators you may use on land, but marine generators need extra maintenance and upkeep to ensure their proper functionality. Here are some signs that your generator is not working at its best, along with tips for marine generator maintenance.

Common Marine Generator Problems

Like any engine or machine, marine generators can malfunction from time to time. There are common marine generator issues which are major signs that your generator needs maintenance. Common marine generator problems include:

  • Overheating
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Dirt in Fuel System
  • Low Battery Output

These problems can present themselves in several different ways. Your generator may not start up at all, or it may provide inconsistent power. Strange sounds or smoke coming from the generator are also telltale signs that your generator is in need of expert maintenance from diesel specialists.

Marine Generator Troubleshooting

The best way to avoid marine generator problems is to take your yacht or boat in for routine maintenance at the proper intervals. Maintenance is there to help your vessel run properly and avoid problems down the road.

Here are additional tips for troubleshooting your marine generator:

  • Regularly check connections to ensure they’re not corroded or loose.
  • Keep an eye on coolant levels and replace as necessary.
  • Check for signs of dirt in the system by inspecting the various sections, such as the oil.
  • Listen for changes in operational sounds.

Your marine generator is a relatively reliable piece of your yacht’s operations, but as with any machinery, upkeep is necessary to keep things running smoothly. We can help when it comes to maintaining marine generators, marine engines, and marine diesel transmissions. If your marine generator isn’t running properly, if you’d like to schedule a maintenance visit, or if you need the best OEM marine generator parts, we encourage you to contact our team at Marine Diesel Specialists. We offer the best in repairs, repowers, rebuilds, maintenance, and OEM marine diesel parts. Contact us today!