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Marine transmissions differ from your car’s transmission, bringing different features. Your marine transmission is more like a marine gear, working to provide neutral for your marine engine and to bring reverse rotation so you can easily move your boat around. But, how does your marine transmission work to offer these results? Our transmission and diesel specialists explore what makes your transmission tick.

How Marine Transmissions Work

There are clutches in your marine diesel transmission that work at different gear sets alongside hydraulic pressure generated by internal pumps. The hydraulic pressure pushes clutches together, providing the desired operation. Different gear level positions will offer no engagement, engagement of two gear sets, or engagement of three gear sets. No engagement provides neutral, while rotation of two or three gear sets will deliver clockwise or counterclockwise rotation which can provide reverse or forward movement.

Transmissions also act as the intermediate between your propeller and your engine, equalizing the RPM between the two. The transmission slows the propeller’s rotation, usually to about half of the engine’s RPM, so that things run more efficiently.

With the gear set engagement and hydraulic pressure, your marine transmission should also contain cooling solutions so the transmission can safely dissipate any heat created by normal operation. Popular marine diesel transmission brands include ZF Transmissions and Twin Disc.

Maintaining Your Marine Transmission

Just as your marine engine needs expert care, professional marine diesel transmission maintenance is imperative to keep your systems running properly. Proper maintenance can help avoid issues such as lack of reverse power, clutch slipping, and more. We can perform transmission maintenance on its own or combine transmission maintenance with our marine diesel engine and generator maintenance services for complete yacht care.

Repairing Marine Transmissions

If your boat experiences these or other transmission troubles, we are here to help with expert marine transmission repairs and parts. We use OEM manufacturer parts for your, marine transmission repair in Florida, ensuring that your transmission will continue to perform at its best.

Contact our team at Marine Diesel Specialists to learn more about our services, buy OEM marine transmission parts online, or to schedule your maintenance appointment.