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In 2019, Michael Jordan purchased Catch 23, an 80-foot Viking sportfish luxury fishing boat featuring some amazing details. Marine Diesel Specialists are in awe over this beauty, so we endeavored to find out some of the most interesting facts about Michael Jordan’s yacht and all it has to offer. Marine Diesel Specialists are the best in the industry offering OEM parts and MAN engine overhauls. Here are ten interesting facts about Catch 23, from its powerful MTU engines to its matching elephant print design with Jordan’s private jet:

Michael Jordan's Viking 80 Catch 23

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

1. The Catch 23 yacht is powered by MTU engines.

Our Fort Lauderdale marine diesel mechanics are in shock at the speeds that Micheal Jordan’s fishing boat can reach. Catch 23 has a max speed of about 40 knots with a range of more than 500 nm. Depending on the load as well as other environmental factors, the Catch 23 fishing boat can effortlessly cruise at 30 knots. 

2. The Catch 23 yacht was built and designed by Viking Yachts in 2018. 

Viking Yachts is a premier yacht manufacturer in Riviera Beach, FL. They specialize in convertible yachts as well as open and motor yachts. Jordan’s fishing boat is a convertible Viking 80EB sport fisher motor yacht. Viking Yachts designed both the interior, exterior, and engineering behind this impressive fishing boat. 

3. Michael Jordan uses Catch 23 for fishing tournaments.

Michael Jordan is definitely not a newbie when it comes to fishing. He frequently uses the Catch 23 fishing boat in a variety of tournaments. In June of 2020, Jordan participated in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and reeled in a 442.3-pound marlin. 

4. Michael Jordan’s Viking Yacht can accommodate 10 people. 

Catch 23 can comfortably seat 8-10 guests and a 2-person crew.1 

5. Catch 23 is worth $8 million.

That’s right, Michael Jordan’s yacht is worth $8 million, which is pocket change for someone with a $1.6 billion net worth according to Forbes.2 He is famously considered the richest former professional athlete in the world. After winning 6 titles with the Chicago Bulls, he deserves this boat. 

6. Catch 23 was named after Jordan himself. 

For fishing and boat enthusiasts, naming your yacht is serious business. Jordan used a clever pun to name his vessel, playing off the common phrase “catch-22,” tying it into his off-the-court fishing hobby with “catch,” and incorporating his jersey number, 23. 

7. Michael Jordan’s fishing yacht matches his plane.

It wouldn’t be a luxury fishing boat if there wasn’t a matching plane to complete the set. Both feature the famous elephant print from the Air Jordan 3 sneakers, released in 1988, as well as Jordan’s signature panther on the stern to match his private jet. 

8. The boat is docked in Jupiter, Florida. 

You can find Jordan’s 80-foot fishing boat docked in Jupiter, Florida most of the time. Catch 23 can often be spotted around North Carolina where Michael Jordan enjoys participating in non-profit fishing tournaments and other national fishing competitions. 

9. Catch 23 includes several rooms and amenities. 

Michael Jordan’s Catch 23 yacht has a virtual conference area, 2 dining spaces, and a J lounge where Jordan and his guests can hang out between catches. The sleeping quarters include the main suite with a king-sized bed, 2 staterooms with queen-sized beds, and 2 additional staterooms with bunk-style beds, or berths. Each of the 5 staterooms also has its own shower stalls and there’s even a washer and dryer in the companionway. 

Additionally, the Catch 23 yacht also features a centralized seawater system, dual freshwater pumps, Veem S-class propellers as well as a manual backup.3 

10. Catch 23 isn’t Jordan’s only boat. 

The famous basketball player also owns another boat that is worth roughly $80 million. The 230-ft mega yacht includes a full-sized basketball court as well as 8 cabins, a full gym, and a jacuzzi. 

Marine Diesel Specialists Fort Lauderdale is Here to Help

Michael Jordan’s yacht, Catch 23,  is a luxurious and impressive vessel that showcases his passion for fishing and his penchant for high-end toys. From its powerful MTU engines to its stunning design by Viking Yachts, Catch 23 is a sight to behold. With its ability to accommodate up to 10 guests, multiple amenities, and Michael Jordan’s personal touches, Michael Jordan’s fishing yacht is a true reflection of the basketball legend’s taste and style.

The experts at Marine Diesel Specialists are extensively trained so they know their way around a yacht. We provide a variety of services that meet all sea vessel needs in order to keep your yacht in excellent working order. You can schedule your MAN marine engine maintenance and repairs with our marine diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and Punta Gorda. Contact us to learn more about available parts, supplies, as well as our marine diesel services. 

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