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The year is coming to an end and all the year’s major international boat shows have come and gone. All that is left behind is the new yacht technology and innovations introduced at those industry events. From yachts to superyachts, you can expect these yacht tech innovations popping up in more and more vessels as we enter 2020. Here’s a look at the technological innovations yacht owners will be demanding in the new year.

4K Resolution Ultra HD Video

In addition to debuting mega yachts and high-performance boats, a big thing to come out of this year’s Monaco Yacht Show was 4K Ultra HD video. The motor yacht Galactica Super Nova was docked at the show and was one of the first vessels to have its whole video system set up to 4K Ultra HD. Yachts used to have video systems with a maximum of 1080p resolution. Now with video over fiber, owners and guests can enjoy video in crisp and high definition 4K resolution. Introduced in 2017, the popularity of 4K video is only going up.

WiFi Connection by Project Loon

As adventurous yacht owners are cruising to locations further out, having reliable high-speed internet connection on board has been difficult. There are not many options available out at sea and what is available is incredibly expensive. Luckily, new yacht technology is racing to keep up with the demand. Project Loon by Google is a network of stratospheric balloons that provide internet access to remote areas.

At first, these balloons were mostly released above rural areas. But soon, the technology may be used around cruising areas. Some industry insiders predict a future where each yacht has its own balloon to travel with to ensure high bandwidth internet connection on board even in the middle of the sea.

Hybrid Power Systems

While marine diesel engines are a great option for improved fuel economy, yacht owners (even superyacht owners) are embracing sustainability in increasing numbers as climate change looms large in the public consciousness. Smaller boats are embracing electric power and hybrid diesel engines supported by solar power. Megayachts are also embracing hybrid power due to better fuel economy and stricter environmental regulations.

“We have seen an interest in both diesel-electric and hybrid systems. Smart power management also helps reduce fuel. Plus, rumored and confirmed environmental restrictions in parts of the world may require zero-emission boats to enter their waters.” – Andrew LeBuhn, Broker at Camper & Nicholsons1

Whether hybrid or not, you can depend on our diesel specialists for all our yacht’s marine diesel engine maintenance and marine engine repair needs. Marine Diesel Specialists is also an OEM marine diesel parts seller and a certified marine diesel engine dealer of MAN yacht engines. Contact us today to learn about our products and services!



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