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While some people are spending their winters shoveling snow, those in the know are spending this season on the deck of a yacht in South Florida. In our sunny paradise, it’s always summer, and it’s always the perfect season for yachting.

Whether you’re new to winter yachting in South Florida or you’ve been boating in the area for years, choosing the right yachting destinations can be tough. Our marine diesel maintenance specialists share their favorite places to sail in South Florida during the winter.

Yachting to the Bahamas

Located just a short trip from South Florida, the Bahamas are a wonderful winter boating destination. Still, yachting to the Bahamas can be a bit of an undertaking. Those who are interested in yachting, boating, or sailing to the Bahamas should consider hiring a crew to help with the journey if they’re inexperienced with distance winter yachting in South Florida.

Sailing for Fishing in South Florida

South Florida is a yachting destination known for its abundant fishing opportunities. When considering places to sail in South Florida during the wintertime, consider fishing. In the earlier part of the year, you may be able to find barracuda, bass, grouper, mackerel, and even snapper in South Florida’s waters.

Yachting to the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands

Nightlife like no other awaits you when you’re boating in South Florida to destinations such as the US and British Virgin Islands. These islands bring incredible entertainment, carnivals, and plenty of warm beaches to enjoy in the winter.

Sailing to The Keys

We can’t forget The Conch Republic! The Keys are a short excursion from South Florida, with miles of beaches and diving opportunities. When looking for places to sail in South Florida in the winter, The Keys are always a popular spot.

Ensuring Your Yacht is Sea-Ready

Before hitting the water and visiting these yachting destinations, ensure your vessel is in shape for the trip. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer maintenance, repairs, and marine vessel surveys. Schedule your survey today!