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Current and soon-to-be boaters alike are likely to learn a lot about marine engines during their journey toward becoming their very own boat captain, especially when it comes to their vessel’s engine. One of the most important pieces of information to become familiar with is what type of gas do boats use and why that specific form of petroleum is so popular in the boating community.

In this article, Marine Diesel Specialists, expert and certified providers of MAN engine services and MAN marine diesel parts, as well as for many other brands you can find on the market, will provide their expert and professional insights. We will also break down the answers to these questions thoroughly.

What Kind of Gas Does a Boat Use?

When it comes to the first part of this two-pronged question, “What type of gas do boats use?” it is important to understand a certain nuance to the answer. While there are actually many different types of petroleum for marine vessels, most use boat diesel gas in lieu of other alternatives. There is a market for vessels that use the less popular marine gas oil, but marine engines are dominated by diesel.

But the question should not be posed as to what type of gas boats use, but why are marine diesel boat engines so popular? Being that our experts specialize in servicing and parts supply for diesel boat engines, we are all too familiar with the answer to this question as well.

What Makes Diesel the Best Gas for Boats?

What type of gas do boats use? By and large, diesel. Why do boaters opt for this style of petroleum? In order to understand the answer to that question, you must first familiarize yourself with the difference between standard gas oil and diesel.

Marine diesel engines are built with two things in mind – reliability, and length of use. These engines are able to be used with more frequency and for longer than standard engines using marine gas from a more conventional source. When you’re out on the water, you want to ensure that your motors are always up and running, and when it comes to ensuring that nothing beats marine diesel. Despite their boost in reliability, marine diesel engines will require routine servicing and maintenance, and that’s where our team comes into play.

Our Marine Diesel Services Are Here to Help!

If you are in need of parts or servicing for your MAN marine diesel engine, or the same for any of the other brands we service, be sure to get in touch with Marine Diesel Specialists for quality and experience that cannot be matched! Our team has years of experience in providing these services and would be proud to be of assistance next time you may be in need of it in the Fort Lauderdale or Punta Gorda areas.

Interested in learning more about all things marine diesel from experts in the industry? Feel free to read some of our other articles to get more information and insights from professionals in the field!


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