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The benefits of yacht club memberships are often touched on by people who are either trying to get new members or by the very people who are already a part of a yacht club, but is joining a yacht club worth it? Marine Diesel Specialists, experts in all things nautical engines with more than 25 years of experience in the field, have decided to fully investigate the issue of the cost of yacht club memberships and their benefits to make deciding on whether or not to join easier. 

Yacht Club Membership Costs

Joining a yacht club does not come cheap. The actual number that could be spent on one will vary, and there are actually several different price points that could make it easier for some to join. What is the most expensive yacht club someone can join? In the United States, the most expensive cost of joining a yacht club is estimated to have initiation fees as high as $25,000 with monthly dues of about $600, but chances are that you’re looking for something a bit more affordable. The most affordable yacht clubs in the United States can cost as little as $100 a year with little-to-no initiation fees attached to these price tags. These yacht clubs often do not commonly include many amenities, if any, so the best bet would be to find a mid-range club. What is a yacht club’s average rate when more fairly priced? Initiation fees will tend to range between $900 to $3,500, with yearly dues ranging from $150-$250. But what commonly comes with joining a yacht club?

Are Boat Clubs Worth the Money?

What’s a yacht club member expecting to enjoy when they’ve become a fully-fledged member of a club? The benefits and amenities can be very different from one club to the next, but there is a general list of things that are commonly part of all clubs. 

  • Access to on-location restaurants and venues.
  • Programs for members’ children to learn how to boat properly.
  • The ability to participate in activities organized by the members and the club administration. 
  • Of course, have a safe and secure storage location for your vessel.

Depending on the club, you could have many more benefits or none at all. It is important to thoroughly research many yacht clubs in your price range before committing to the membership process of any one location. 

Marine Diesel Specialists Are Ready Would Love to Be of Assistance 

Hopefully, this guide has made the decision of joining a yacht club easier for you. Marine Diesel Specialists provide the best marine engine parts on the market and marine engine service & repairs that can’t be beaten! Contact us to learn more about our products and services, or read our blog to get the latest on all things boating. 


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