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The holiday season is almost here, which means it’s time to get those gifts together. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we know that yachters, boaters, fishing experts, captains, and everyone in between can use the best nautical themed gifts for the holidays. We’ve put together our yacht gift buying guide that includes top gifts for boat lovers, gifts for yacht owners, and any other boating or yachting lover in your life.


The Best Gifts for Boat Lovers and Gifts for Yacht Owners

Boating and yachting require similar tools, accessories, and tech for making the most of the water. There’s a large overlap when shopping for great gifts for boaters or gifts for yacht owners. Here are some of our favorite gifts for yachters, boaters, captains, and everyone in between.

Our boater and yacht gift buying guide includes some popular gifts:


  • Sailing Watches are always popular fisherman and boat captain gifts. Sailing and yachting watches have advanced considerably in recent years to include features like tidal data, barometric pressure readings, depth gauges, temperature readouts, and of course, waterproof capabilities. With beautiful watches across all price ranges and styles, there’s sure to be a sailing watch that fits your boat lover.
  • Boat Parts are as practical as it gets. As yachts and boats age, they need marine diesel engine parts to keep running properly. Giving the gift of parts for the yacht’s engine, transmission, generator, or even interior components can go a long way as these gifts allow your loved one to keep using their yacht beyond the holidays.
  • Water Toys like jet skis and other personal watercraft are some of the most exciting gifts for boaters and yacht owners. Many yachts are equipped with marina style access that allows passengers to turn the waters into their own playground, and personal watercraft are the best way to enjoy this type of access to the water.
  • Clothing and Shoes may seem like boring gifts for the yachter in your life, but these types of gifts are always appreciated when they’re well thought out. A classic pair of Sperry’s, a waterproof windbreaker, or a watertight backpack will be cherished for years to come.


Service-Based Gifts for Yacht Owners

Another highly valuable gift is one that won’t fit under the tree, and that’s the gift of a yacht service. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer engine, transmission, and generator services for yachts of all sizes. Our MAN maintenance is one of our most popular services, and gifting this service to your loved one is a truly thoughtful option if they’re the yachter who has everything. Contact our team to learn more!