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Serenity. Freedom. Carpe Diem. No, these aren’t cologne names, they’re popular yacht names. Whether your yacht embodies luxury or you’re naming your fishing boat, there are certain rules to follow when it comes to yacht and boat naming. As leading marine diesel engine dealers, we’ve seen yachts and boats with all types of names. But what’s the ruling on the best practices for these names? We share our tips on picking the best names for a yacht or boat.

Rules for Naming a Yacht or Boat


When it comes to boat naming and yacht naming, there are some rules that should be followed. There are some superstitious rules that many yacht and boat owners follow when naming their yacht. Mainly, if you’re giving your yacht a woman’s name, it should be the name of your mother or daughter, but not your wife. Why? One superstition is that if you name your boat after your wife, you won’t catch any more fish!


Here are some additional rules for naming a yacht or boat:


  • Don’t use unlucky names, like the Titanic. Nobody wants to wish that type of negativity on their boat.
  • Think about how your boat’s name will sound over the radio, to other boaters, and around the marina.
  • Make sure your name isn’t a popular one at your marina, or things can get confusing.
  • Get clever with it. Puns, water-based jokes, or other humor will help your yacht stand out.


Many people wonder if recycling a boat name from an old boat they used to own is bad luck. If you and your old boat parted ways amicably and you had great memories on that vessel, carrying over the energy to your new yacht or boat can be a great idea! Consider adding a II to the new boat’s name to reflect your old boat.


What Are the Best Names for a Yacht or Boat?


The best names for a boat or yacht is subjective. Names can be very personal; what makes a name great to you is what matters. Many popular yacht names combine the spirit of adventure and luxury into creative names. Some popular yacht names are Escape, Ohana, Destiny, Endless Summer, and Wind Dancer. But remember, your perfect yacht name will be the name that best describes your experience with your yacht, boat, and your maritime adventures.


Caring for Your Yacht


Now that you have a yacht name picked out, it’s important to treat your yacht to the best upkeep. We offer maintenance and service for a wide variety of brands, including Detroit Diesel and MAN. Contact our team today to learn more!