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When it comes to boating, there tends to be a divide between what many consider the two most desirable types of vessels; a sailboat vs. yacht. This debate is perhaps never going to be put to bed, and many times it can become difficult to fully understand the difference between these two categories, especially for anyone who is uninitiated into the world of boating. To make understanding the difference between the two easier, Marine Diesel Specialists, industry professionals for more than 25 years, have created a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the difference between yacht vs. sailboat Vessels. 

What Is a Yacht?

What gets considered a yacht? Well, a yacht actually can be a sailboat or a motor-powered ship that can be used for anything, from leisure to racing. The tough part of identifying whether or not a boat is a yacht is that there is no one definitive definition of what a yacht specifically is. There is a standard that tends to be used to identify yachts. These standards are that the vessel is more than 33 feet in length and can house people overnight. The most easily identifiable yachts are the luxury yachts that appear in the media so often. These superyachts, typically over 131 feet, are only one type of yacht among many others and are by no means the majority of ships that fall into the yacht category. 

What Is a Sailboat?

A sailboat is much easier to identify when compared to a yacht. In short, a sailboat is any water vessel that is powered by wind to sail power to generate speed. Even though identifying these boats is easier when compared to yachts, an important note in the conversation of yacht vs sailboat is the condition of sub-types. There are many subcategories that a sailboat could fall into, Catamarans being one of the most identifiable, and any sailor worth their salt could pick them out as they see them. Hopefully, this quick guide was beneficial for you in settling the yacht vs. sailboat difference, but where should boaters go when in need of parts, servicing, or repairs?

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