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With environmental activist Greta Thunberg sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness1 and bushfires in Australia endangering the koala population,2 global warming continues to be a hot button topic. With climate change looming large in the public consciousness, all industries are increasingly embracing sustainability and alternative power sources including the yachting industry.

Despite the luxury and excess associated with yachts and yachting, the industry has not shied away from talks on decreasing its carbon footprint. From hybrid power to sustainable yacht design, industry leaders are stepping up as the demand for sustainable options goes up. Here’s how green yachting is being embraced by professionals and yacht owners alike.

A Focus on Environmental Impact: Better Fuel Economy & Fewer Emissions

Hybrid propulsion systems have become more and more popular. In a growing number of sustainable yachts and superyachts, main marine diesel engines are working in parallel with electric motors. Smaller boats and yacht tenders are starting to incorporate renewable energy such as hybrid engines coupled to solar charges. These hybrid power systems mean improved fuel economy and fewer emissions. According to Franco Fusignani, the CEO of renowned yacht builder Benetti, environmental impact is an important consideration they make as they build their newer yachts:

“All the technical improvements are part of Benetti’s plan to deliver yachts that can guarantee a lower impact on the environment, whether from a reduction in noises and vibrations, or a reduction in fuel consumption due to the lower weights – a commitment that the shipyard is pursuing not only to offer its clients the best products possible, also from an environmental-friendly point of view. Benetti strongly believes that sustainability is a subject that can no longer be ignored.” 3

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