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Wintertime can be harsh on boats and yachts, which is why it’s important to perform yacht troubleshooting to avoid potential issues. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer repairs, maintenance, repowers, and more for vessels throughout Florida. Though we don’t experience many wintertime boating troubles ourselves, we do know how bad these common boat problems can be. Below are common boat issues and what can be done to prevent such challenges.

Common Wintertime Boat Problems

Before you take your vessel winter cruising, you’ll need to ensure your marine engine is at its best. But, many of the common boat problems experienced during winter don’t just happen with the engine. There can be problems with the transmission, generator, and the body of the vessel too. Common wintertime boat problems include:

  • Water damage from accumulating and melting snow
  • Heat damage from light-bulbs or space heaters
  • Cracking from oil mixing with water
  • Stuck vessels in frozen water

Winterizing your yacht is an important step in preventing these wintertime boat problems. To avoid water damage from accumulating and melting snow, be sure to seal the vessel properly and cover the deck. A boat lift can protect your vessel from cold waters. After the winter is up, schedule professional marine diesel engine maintenance to ensure that all systems are in working order before hitting the water.

Professional Marine Engine Services

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer yacht engine maintenance, OEM marine parts, repowers, rebuilds, and much more. Though we’re based in the Sunshine State, we understand how trying winter can be on your vessel. Be sure to conduct regular surveys to ensure your vessel is preforming at its best.