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Marine diesel engines are a major investment, which leads many yacht and boat owners to keep their ship’s current engine in service for as long as possible. While there are economic emissions standards for new marine diesel engines, many older engines are still running within the regulations. So, if you’re still running an older engine that you’d like to keep in service for some more hours, follow our team’s tips for marine diesel engine upkeep and engine maintenance.

How to Maintain a Marine Diesel Engine

Our marine diesel engine upkeep tips aren’t just for older engines, many of the following tips are also crucial for newer engines. This is because the demands of marine engines are only growing, so even newer engines need regular maintenance and repairs to run at their very best.

Getting regular marine engine surveys is one of the most important steps to follow when properly handling your engine maintenance. Routine surveys will help identify any engine issues and fix them before they can progress into bigger problems. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we offer One Day and Full Surveys for marine diesel engines. These surveys include visual inspections, sea trials, oil analysis, and additional borescope tests for full trials. We recommend full surveys over one-day surveys for older marine diesel engines.

In addition to regular surveys, you should also follow routine maintenance schedules for your marine diesel engine. These maintenance schedules can help troubleshoot problems, identifying issues before they start and helping owners avoid the need for marine diesel engine repairs.

Marine Diesel Engine Upkeep for Older Engines

Those who own older marine diesel engines can go a step up, bringing their yacht or boat in for maintenance and routine marine diesel engine upkeep beyond the normal hour intervals. Our maintenance options include M1-M6, cleaning, and changing. We use all OEM marine diesel manufacturer parts for all provided services.

Count on Marine Diesel Specialists for Your Yacht’s Mechanical Upkeep

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we understand that many yacht owners are hoping to avoid diesel engine overhaul cost by properly maintaining their yacht’s mechanical components. We’re here to help with expert repairs, maintenance, and services for marine diesel engines, transmissions, and generators.

If you’re looking for reliable services to keep your older marine diesel systems running at their best, our experts at Marine Diesel Specialists are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your trial, buy OEM parts, or begin the process for getting a quote on rebuilds or repowers. We look forward to helping your engine perform at its very best.