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The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to isolate themselves in their homes in an effort to maintain social distancing. However, do to the wonders of digital technology, the pandemic has also caused people across the world to connect like never before. The yachting industry has taken part with virtual boat shows and live streamed conferences Now there is a yachting chat show!

At the end of September, Dutch ship building company Heesen Yachts hosted what is being dubbed “the world’s first yachting chat show.” The first episode of YachtTalk featured an illustrious lineup of yachting industry leaders and experts. The guest list included:

  • Arthur Brouwer, CEO of Heesen Yachts
  • Mark van Drieberge, CEO of Hypsos
  • Alessandra Nenci, CFO of Fraser Yachts
  • Erik Floor, Industry Expert

All guests came together in a social distanced studio setting to talk about the major issues affecting the yachting industry today. The main topic of discussion was “THE SUPERYACHT INDUSTRY AFTER COVID-19.” The goal of the event was to have these titans of yachting business answer pressing questions including: 1

  • Will Covid-19 have a lasting effect on the superyacht industry?
  • Are we going to see new, innovative ways to sell superyachts?
  • What will the future of boat shows look like?
  • And can shipyards come out of this crisis stronger than before?

Below are some of the valuable insights and luxury yachting industry statistics we learned from the world’s first yachting chat show.

Demand For Superyachts Is Growing, But Slower Than The Growth of Billionaires

“The most important conclusion that’s been shown by the report year after year is that the growth of the ultra-wealthy is so much higher than the growth of the superyacht industry. If we can only spark more demand with that potential buyer group – which is there and is growing really rapidly – the industry could go up.” – Industry Expert Erik Floor discussing the annual SYBAss Economic Report that he authored. 2

The International Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Is Highly Anticipated

“It will be interesting because it’s the first real exercise on how to reformat or re-think a yacht show in this situation. Obviously, as a first exercise it won’t be perfect but it’s a good start to move on for the next year.” – Fraser Yachts CFO Alessandra Nenci talking about how the industry is looking at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.2

Intimate Micro Events May Replace Boat Shows As We Know Them

“People want to see each other and that will never go away,” he adds. “Monaco boat show, Fort Lauderdale boat show, Dubai boat show… they will always be there but I think the basis will be more simple and the tailor-made project will be more bespoke. […] I can see that clients will spend the money on marketing, but I predict that exhibitions will be smaller, and a lot of money will go to targeting say the top 10 clients they want to speak to and making special events just for those 10.” – CEO of Hypsos Mark van Drieberge predicting a shift from large boat shows to more targeted micro events.2

The Pre-Owned Superyacht Market Number Are Back To Normal

“In July, we were still behind the numbers of last year, whereas in August I can confirm that the market is reaching the same level as 2019 with 280 pre-owned yachts were sold over 24 metres. It’s in line with last year’s performance.” – Fraser Yachts CFO Alessandra Nenci discussing the promising pre-owned market data from August.


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