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Though it’d be nice to always sail your yacht to its destinations, sometimes shipping a yacht is the only way to move it quickly and efficiently.

At Marine Diesel Specialists, we know that there are many instances where someone would need to ship their yacht. If you’re moving your yacht from Florida to New York, California, or elsewhere by road, we invite you to explore our tips on road-based yacht transport. Our marine engine rebuild specialists know the things you should consider when moving your yacht by road.

Prep Checklist for Shipping a Yacht

 When shipping a yacht, it’s important to thoroughly research transport companies to ensure they’re qualified to handle your yacht transport job. This includes reading reviews, asking fellow yacht owners, and getting quotes from several yacht transport companies. Follow this additional checklist when transporting a yacht by road:

  • Check your boat insurance policy and the yacht shipping company’s insurance policy to see who is responsible for different types of damage that may occur during transport
  • Invest in a quality yacht cover, or consider shrink wrapping your yacht with help from a company that specializes in transport shrink wrapping
  • Plan the route to identify any potential road dangers
  • Remove height dangers that are removeable, like arches, before hitting the road

Getting your yacht ready for the road is more complex than preparing it for the water in different ways. You need to ensure that your yacht will fit on a road-based transport method, like a flatbed or with in a large truck. Height restrictions become a concern, as land-based bridges do not raise to accommodate larger boats.

Shrink wrapping is one popular method of preparing a yacht for cross-country yacht transport, but it’s not your traditional winterizing shrink wrapping. The shrink wrapping that should be done before shipping a yacht must be windproof and built for long-term coverage under stressful conditions, such as open air travel above 60 miles per hour. There are companies that specialize in shrink wrapping yachts for yacht transport and shipping.

How Long Transporting a Yacht by Road Takes

 If you’re bringing your yacht cross country, you may want to ship it quickly. Our marine engine rebuild specialists know that the yacht shipping process cannot be rushed, and it often takes longer than standard car shipping times. On average, many people can have their yacht shipped from one side of the country to the next within one to two weeks, but faster shipping times come with higher costs. Be sure to complete your marine engine survey checklist after getting your yacht to its new home. Call our team today to learn more about preparing your yacht for transport, surveying, and additional guidance on how to ship a yacht.