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While many yacht owners up north are looking into winterizing their yachts for the colder months of the year, there are still owners who are ready to hit the water. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we know how exciting the yacht winter season can be. With a little planning, yachting in the winter can still include sunny skies and warm waters. We’re sharing our favorite tips for yachting in the winter, including wintertime yacht maintenance tips and where to yacht in the winter. 

Popular Yacht Winter Season Destinations


While many parts of the country, and the world, freeze up come wintertime, there are still strongholds of sunshine perfect for sailing to in the winter months. Popular yacht winter season destinations include: 


  • The Caribbean
  • Florida
  • The Gulf of Mexico
  • Thailand 
  • Cuba
  • Martinique 
  • & More


Many international destinations along the equator offer impressive winter yacht destinations. If you are planning on hitting the water, check out our guide for yachting in the Caribbean or contact our team for a yacht inspection. 


Preparing for Yachting in the Winter 


Once you have decided where to yacht in the winter, it is time to figure out how to prepare your yacht for the trip. If you’re taking your yacht out of storage, follow our MAN maintenance tips, or give our team a call for an engine, transmission, and generator inspection. After you’ve ensured that your yacht’s mechanical components are in working order, you should follow our yacht cleaning tips to get things ready for the water. 


Common upkeep steps to take before yachting in the winter include a yacht oil change, hull inspection and repairs, and a full engine inspection. If you have kept up with your yacht maintenance schedule, getting ready for winter yachting can be as simple as a visual inspection. 


Yachting the Winter Waters


Yachting in the winter isn’t all cold waters and dreary skies. There are stunning sights, both stateside and internationally, that are best enjoyed in the winter months. Enjoy smaller crowds, more comfortable temperatures, and easy yachting when sailing in the winter to destinations in warmer climates. 


Before hitting the water, let our team at Marine Diesel Specialists ensure your yacht is ready to go with our inspection services. If your yacht hasn’t been used in several months, it’s especially important to undergo an inspection to catch and repair any issues. Contact our team today for marine diesel engine inspection services, repairs, and more.