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Buying a boat can be a significant investment, sometimes second only to your home. For this reason, getting a marine survey before purchasing or after maintaining the same boat for some time makes sense. Our Marine Diesel Specialists want to make sure you know why you should consider requesting a marine survey. 

When considering the difference between buying new or used boats, marine surveys are a topic that frequently comes up. You do not often need to have a survey done when buying a new boat. However, a survey is generally considered a must if a used boat is under consideration. We highly recommend that every prospective buyer of a boat or a pre-owned yacht get a marine survey before any transactions occur. Whether buying from a private seller or a dealer, this is the one step in the purchase process that should never be overlooked. We recommend hiring our professional marine surveyors to inspect your boat and ensure no marine engine service is needed. 

What Is a Marine Survey?

To help you better understand why you need a marine survey, we will first explain what this assessment involves. A marine survey checklist includes a thorough inspection of a vessel’s structural and mechanical integrity, its plumbing and electrical systems, and other components. It can be compared to a home inspection that gets done before buying a house.

This survey is a detailed inspection of a boat, and one is normally executed by a qualified, diligent, intelligent, and honest surveyor. This surveyor will determine the vessel’s current condition and seaworthiness. In particular, they will determine if the vessel is safe to use in the conditions it was designed for and what maintenance and repairs are likely to be required in the near future. 

All marine surveying is not the same. There are several types of marine surveys, including:

  • Insurance survey – This tends to be the most basic of the survey. It is a general overview of the boat’s condition, which is required by an insurance company before they will offer insurance coverage for it. 
  • Finance survey – This is similar to an insurance survey. Marine mortgage lenders and financial institutions will ask for a survey to be done before signing off on finance.
  • Pre- or Post-Transport Survey – This assesses the condition of a boat before or after being transported. A survey of this type is often required for insurance purposes. 
  • Full condition survey – Also referred to as a pre-purchase survey, this is the most comprehensive type of survey. It will take a detailed look at the condition of the boat and will check everything from the vessel’s structural integrity to the electronics, safety systems, interior cosmetics, and much more.

How to Choose a Marine Surveyor

If you’re going to spend money on a marine survey, then you want to ensure you’re getting a good service and a thorough report from an experienced surveyor. You can count on our professionals at Marine Diesel Specialists to properly handle your marine survey

At Marine Diesel Specialists, We Are Here to Help

Inquiring about a marine survey is about getting peace of mind. It will give you a better idea of exactly what you are getting into with your boat purchase or sale. It will also help you learn what will be necessary to maintain the vessel in the future. This will keep you and anyone else stepping foot onto your boat safe, as well as ensure that your investment is secure. 

We urge you to get in touch with our team of experts for any assistance you may need when it comes to maintaining or purchasing a boat. We offer premier services in Fort Lauderdale and Punta Gorda through our Fort Lauderdale and Gulf Coast Diesel service locations.

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