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When you own a yacht for a number of years, you’ve enjoyed exploring the seas and shared many happy memories on the boat. Along with the cherished experiences came the many maintenance repairs to keep your prized possession in working order. Your engine is probably one of the most important parts of your vessel to maintain. Despite a rigorous maintenance schedule, it will eventually reach a point when you will need to repower your engine or replace it altogether. Our diesel specialists in Fort Lauderdale list some of the reasons to schedule an engine repower.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Boat fuel is probably the biggest expense for boat owners when operating a yacht; choosing to cut down on fuel costs is one of the economic reasons to schedule an engine repower. Nowadays, the latest boat engines run on less fuel, which helps in reducing your cost per ton-mile. After having your yacht engine repowered, you’ll see a significant decrease in how much you spend on boat fuel, which will quickly cover the cost of an engine repower.

Take Advantage of the Latest and Greatest

Besides getting a better fuel economy, one of the reasons to schedule an engine repower is to enjoy the benefit of a newer engine. Installing the latest model of boat engines will offer a more powerful, yet smoother and quieter operation than the old engine. Additionally, maintenance won’t be as labor-intensive since the later model will be easier to access and service – greatly reducing the cost of upkeep and repairs.

Environmentally Friendly

In today’s world, people are working harder than ever to save our planet by going green and considering the environmental impact of their choices. You can also do your part by contacting an experienced marine diesel mechanic on our team to repower your boat’s engine. A newer engine will produce fewer emissions, helping you meet emission standards and promote the message of environmental responsibility.

Peace of Mind

If you’re still thinking of reasons to schedule an engine repower in Fort Lauderdale, consider your peace of mind. Whenever you hire our yacht diesel specialists to perform a marine engine repower successfully, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have minimal repair issues as well as save on fuel and maintenance costs in the years to come.

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