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Sand in a boat engine is an unfortunately common issue that many boaters face, especially those that spend most of their time on the water in oceans as opposed to canals and lakes. As Florida marine engine repair and servicing experts with years of experience, the team at Marine Diesel Specialists knows about this issue all too well. After all, Florida is an ocean boating hotspot. If you are curious as to what damage you can expect from too much sand in a boat’s engine and want to do all you can to avoid the issue, then our team of professionals is here to help.

Why You Should Protect Your Boat Engine From Sand

The initial thing to cover is just how you can expect to be burdened when too much sand enters your vessel’s engine. The main thing you’re going to need to worry about is the airflow that boat engines receive after a buildup, more specifically, the lack of airflow. A reduced airflow due to sand in a boat engine can lead to overheating, which can eventually lead to damage to your machinery. On top of that, you will experience a poorer quality of oil use, and eventually, you may be traveling at the same speeds as before but running through supplies much faster than you could have anticipated. This can lead to larger problems such as increased spending on these supplies and maybe even being stranded due to a lack of proper planning or ignorance of the extent of the issues their engines are facing.

Ways to Avoid Sand in Engine Issues

Marine diesel boat engines can experience some issues due to sand buildup in the machinery, but there are ways to avoid sand in a boat engine that could save you stress, money, and worry about future boat engine repair.

Keeping away from sandbars and areas where the waters are lower is an obvious way to avoid the issue, but it is a surprisingly effective way of maintaining the engine quality for longer. Be sure to also keep a keen eye on how much your fuel or oil consumption has changed over time. If it’s a drastic change, then it is time to consider a boat engine repair. You can avoid having to deal with the repairs by undergoing routine boat engine maintenance and servicing, and then it can go a long way. These repairs, maintenance, and services can go even further if you are having them done by a team of MAN engine service experts like the team at Marine Diesel Specialists.

Our Florida Marine Diesel Engine Experts Are Here to Help!

Sand in a boat engine can be a hassle and can cause unnecessary grief, frustration, and money. But if you are teamed up with Marine Diesel Specialists, you won’t have to worry about any of those problems! Our team of marine industry professionals does everything from providing the highest quality MAN diesel parts to providing the perfect engine survey for your vessel. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products and services. Or you can read some of our other boating articles to get further information into the worlds of boating and marine engine insights.


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