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With many Americans stuck at home during quarantine, many are craving for safe ways to escape the confines of their houses. For those lucky enough to own a boat, that vessel can represent a sort of freedom. Nothing cures cabin fever better than going out on the water in your boat!

Whether you are going fishing or want to have fun in a secluded sand bar beach, having a boat can give you the summer experience you crave. However, it is still very important to stay safe and protect yourself from the coronavirus when you are boating. Our marine diesel mechanics in South Florida off their social distancing tips to stay safe when out on the water.

Don’t Invite Guests On Your Boat

Just like your home, you do not want to invite guests outside of your immediate household onto your boat. Guests include your other family members or regular fishing buddies that have not been quarantined with you. Minimize your chances of contracting COVID-19 by limiting your interaction with others. When you are in a close space like a boat, it is hard to distance yourself from others. So, it is safest to only have your immediate household and people who have been quarantining with you on board.

Go Directly From Your House To Your Boat

Minimize your contact with other people and places as much as possible when going on your boating trip. Travel directly from your home to your boat when you are ready to go out onto the water. Once you return from your excursion, go directly from your boat to your home. If you need to go to a marina or a public boat ramp, be sure to wear a cloth mask and gloves to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Wear a Mask and Gloves When Pumping Fuel

While going directly from your home to your boat and vice versa is ideal, you may need to make a fuel stop before your boat ride. If that’s the case, be sure to wear a mask and latex gloves at the fuel dock. Stand at least six feet apart from the attendants and other people at the fuel dock. After pumping your fuel, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Disinfect any area on your boat that may have been touched by the attendants.

Keep Your Boat 50 Feet Apart From Others

Avoid getting near or rafting up to other boats. Keep your distance on the water and keep your boat at least 50 feet away from other vessels. If you plan on beaching your boat, look for a secluded area where there aren’t that much people. Don’t beach your beach near someone else’s boat and avoid any crowded beach or sandbars.


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