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Yachting in the winter delivers wonderful experiences and sights like the northern lights, white sandy beaches, and stunning views wherever you go. At Marine Diesel Specialists, we know that winter is one of the best times to go yachting or sailing. We share top winter sailing destinations for yachting, boating, and everything in between.

See the Northern Lights

The northern lights are a stunning sight that can be captured in many parts of Canada and Europe. Sailors are heading to Iceland, Greenland, and Norway to catch a sight of these spectacular lights in the sky. Seeing the lights by boat is unlike any other experience, as there is virtually no light pollution when viewing this natural phenomenon from the water. These countries are popular winter yachting destinations.

Go Fishing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is another popular winter sailing destination, thanks to its year-round comfortable temperatures. For a great break from the snow, go south! Though the specific seasons are always changing, there’s always something exciting to fish for in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is one of the most stunning winter sailing destinations, with crystal clear waters and incredible fishing. In the winter, fish for red fish, amberjack, and trout.

Sail the Florida Coast

With seemingly endless miles of beaches and marinas abounding, Florida is a yachter’s paradise. Just as with the Caribbean, Florida has a comfortable climate, no matter the time of year. The winters are especially mild, with comfortable temperatures and a nice breeze.

Consider stopping by Miami or our home of Fort Lauderdale. Florida’s West Coast also offer stunning sights and islands, as do the Florida Keys. Yachting around Florida is perfect in winter, thanks to the comfortable temperatures and favorable weather. There are also many festivals and events happening throughout the state at this time of year, attracting snowbirds and locals alike.

Getting Your Boat Ready for Winter Sailing

Before hitting the water and heading out to winter sailing destinations, make sure that your yacht or boat is ready for the journey. If you are yachting in colder temperatures or across long distances, it’s especially important to have your yacht engine inspected to ensure it is ready for any journey. Our diesel specialists offer marine engine maintenance and repairs, ensuring that your yacht is ready for the water. We utilize parts directly from manufacturers for your engine, transmission, and generators. Contact our diesel specialists today to learn more about our services or to schedule your service.


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