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Yachting in the winter can be a rewarding experience when there are so many incredible destinations and sights that are best enjoyed this time of year. At Marine Diesel Specialists, many of our clients enjoy winter yachting and sailing. We share winter yachting tips to ensure safety and enjoyment of everything winter has to offer for yachting and adventuring.

Stay Up to Date with Engine Maintenance

Before hitting the water, ensure that your yacht is ready for everything the winter waters will throw at it. One of the most important winter yachting tips is to consider completing routine diesel engine maintenance, which should include an engine checkup. Our maintenance services will give your ship the care it needs, ensuring that you’re ready to head out onto winter waters. So, before you venture out to your winter yachting destinations, make sure your vessel is ready to go after proper maintenance.

Choose Your Destinations

There are many destinations that are beautiful to visit year-round, such as yachting in Fort Lauderdale. When choosing where to sail this winter, consider:

  • Winter-specific sights, like the northern lights
  • Festivals occurring around the areas you’re visiting
  • Ease of yachting in the desired area

There are many different unique winter yachting destinations that can be enjoyed worldwide. Another tip for winter yachting is to keep a lookout for common wintertime boat problems you might come across in colder climates. Whether yachting in the winter, summer, or any other season, you should always keep an eye out for safety.

Keep Seasons in Mind

If you’re planning on fishing or deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean this winter, check which fish are in season before you cast a line. While some fish are always in-season, others have seasonal closures that must be observed. Check NOAA Fisheries before heading out onto the water.

In addition to considering fishing seasons, you should also consider the winter season itself. If you are yachting in harsher climates, such as Iceland, check local government weather reporting websites in addition to your normal weather service.


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